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Tuesday, December 20, 2022 

Fox News on Mike Baron's Private American campaign being censored by Kickstarter

Baron was interviewed at Fox News about Kickstarter getting rid of his crowdfunding campaign for the sake of woke propagandists like Daily Kos. He also made a vital point about what topics the comic builds on:
"There's nothing wrong with [taking on drug cartels]. It's a classic vigilante story in the American mode," he told Todd Piro.

"I used to write ‘Punisher’ for Marvel, and this is the same type of character. In fact, this book came about when I asked myself ‘what would The Punisher be doing today?’ He'd be down on the southern border trying to stop the flow of fentanyl into the country," he added.

The comic follows a Cuban-American protagonist Marcos Zamora, a former Army Green Beret who tackles the drug epidemic by taking on cartel members firsthand, an element generating controversy from some on the left.

Baron said the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, a major source of Baron's exposure, has since pulled the comic from its platform in response.

"There's nothing against the immigrants who are trying to cross over just to get a better life," Baron said. "In fact, he's there to save them, and that's when we first meet him, as he's saving a young girl from being raped."
That these SJWs would oppose a story about fighting serious issues like sexual violence - and drugs - speaks volumes. As does the rest of the industry's refusal to stand with Baron. I guess this means they really have decided to blacklist the guy who first made waves when he created Nexus with Steve Rude in the early 80s. And any chances it'd receive Eisner awards today are next to nothing. Saddest of all though, is that all this is happening at a time when states like Oregon and Colorado legalized drug use, and California looks like they're doing the same. Making matters worse, there's several states that've taken up lenient policies on rapists. Is it any surprise when such travesties of morality and justice end up leading to hostility against a book that's meant to confront such issues? The Fox report also says:
Daily Kos writer Starr Mignon called the comic "racist AF" in the headline of her piece on Dec. 7, going on to lambaste the protagonist's use of the Gadsden flag among other elements.
That the propagandist at Kos would allude to vulgar profanity in her headline is also quite telling of the double-standards these "public moralists" go by, ditto the "moral superiority" they follow too. Near the end of the article:
"A number of us who don't produce comics that fit into the rigid left-wing mode, we are exploring new crowdfunding possibilities… [The comic book industry] is pretty woke, and the sales are falling. There's the question of whether Marvel and DC will continue to publish comics in the future because sales are so low," said Baron.
The sooner the Big 2 close down, the better, because nowadays, they're such an embarrassment, having fallen to far-left ideologues, and they honestly should've folded in the early 2000s. Instead, they continue pointlessly, churning out tons of useless junk that's been alternately political, or senselessly violent, and if you know where to look, you'll find plenty of examples where far-left ideology is stealthed in, and it's hard to ascertain which is worse. A terrible shame this is what the industry's come to since the turn of the century.

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