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Tuesday, December 27, 2022 

HBO bans South Park episodes that lampooned Islam's Muhammed

Breitbart informs that at least a few episodes of the satirical cartoon series South Park were removed from HBO because now, much like before, they don't want to deal with its takes on the Islamic figure of Muhammed:
Five episodes of South Park have been banned from HBO Max for depicting Islamic prophet Muhammad, reminding fans that virtually every other religion is considered fair game for making fun of — except for Islam.

South Park, which started in 1997, has five episodes that depict Muhammad: “Super Best Friends,” “Cartoon Wars Part I & II,” “200,” and “201,” all of which are missing from the HBO Max lineup, notes Screen Rant.

In addition to being banned from the streaming service, the episodes are also missing on the South Park Studios website, with each episode hit with a “currently unavailable” notice.

[...] At the time of the controversy, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone argued that Comedy Central was hypocritical, as most other religions were considered fair game to poke fun at, but Islam was not.
But do they still maintain their objections to censoring the episodes? I have no idea. What's certainly clear is that Comedy Central's more like Cowardly Central, if they're vehemently unwilling to broadcast the 5 episodes involving Muhammed. Leave it to some TV conglomerates in the USA nowadays to prove how the Danish Muhammed Cartoon crisis was sadly lost, because the network shows none of the courage seen by Americans during WW2. Since the 21st century, it's been an entirely different story.

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