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Saturday, February 04, 2023 

Sci-fi writer Larry Correia faces wrath of cancel culture activists

I don't know if sci-fi author Larry Correia's had much to do with comics, but he's let know the cancel culture mob is coming after him at Marscon:
This is my Official Response to the Official Complaint filed by Madison Matricula Roberts about how I’m a terrible mean bad person for responding to the angry mob (of about half a dozen people) who think I have no business being invited as the Guest of Honor at your event. I’ll leave the original complaint from Madison in italics. My responses will be in bold.

After I send this to you, I’m also going to post all my stuff publicly as I usually do in situations like this, because sunlight is the best disinfectant. I will also be very blunt in my response and include some backstory which Madison conveniently leaves out, unlike my haters who prefer vague insinuations and pretending that each of these events occurs in a vacuum.

MarsCon Con Chair and Staff:

I would like to alert you to Larry Correia’s violation of the MarsCon Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct as written and as I interpret it.

Yeah, I bet that “interpretation” bit is gonna be a real kicker, ain’t it?

I am requesting it to be reviewed via this official channel outlined in the policy.

Cool. Me too.

I will also demonstrate that Madison knew exactly what she was doing, and despite her claims to the contrary, she was attempting to stir up outrage in order to get me disinvited. Because she and her friends have done it before and will probably continue to do so in the future to other authors as long as cons keep folding and giving them what they want.

Madison portrays herself as a victim. She is not. She is an accuser. We have the right to face our accusers.

Let us begin.


Mr. Correia has not treated me with “common courtesy” as referenced in the Harassment policy, becoming hostile immediately in response to my criticism of the Con Chair’s choice to promote him as a Guest of Honor.

Well that’s an interesting take on this thread – Facebook link

I’d invite everyone in the audience to read the whole thing and judge for themselves. Also, pay attention to the time stamps because Facebook threading gets wonky. What it looks like to me is the ConChair announced I was the GoH, and all of the initial posts were from people excited and happy about that.

Then along comes Madison. To say that I am “not appropriate”, given the “tone” and “inclusiveness” of MarsCon.

Hmmm… Those seem like loaded terms. Exactly what kind of people are bad for “inclusiveness”?

If you are not inclusive, then clearly you are exclusive. But who am I excluding exactly?

As you’ll see, Madison and her friends love to toss out loaded terms which are in common colloquial use today for sexists, racists, homophobes, anti-Semitics, bigots, etc. but the clever ones never actually come right out and say it. They gleefully dance up to the line on harassment policies to annoy their targets, hoping to goad their targets into an angry response so that they can then cry about civility and “tone”.

However, as we’ll see later, some of these people are really bad at dancing, trip over that line, and accidentally show the kind of people they really are.
I think Correia should sue for defamation. Yes, seriously. These kind of assaults on professional writers' careers, which certainly appear targeted at those who're otherwise innocent, have gone too far, and for far too long, and if a lawsuit is what's required, or any kind of legal motion, then for heaven's sake, do just that if it's what you need to do to put a stop to such atrocities.

One of the worst things the defamers who attacked Correia did was to use the "nazi" slurring (and no doubt, many of them don't know it was acronym for "National Socialist" in 20th century Germany), even though Correia has Jewish pals:
The guy who danced up to the line trying to insinuate I was some kind of Nazi, referring to some incident I’m not familiar with in MarsCon’s past where the bad guy in some LARP wore a swastika, and how having me there was “repeating this mistake”. Ironically when I pointed out who my grandmother’s Polish ancestors were, then tagged in another author who is a devout practicing Jew, who has known me well for many years, to testify if he’s ever seen an iota of antisemitism from me, that attacker bailed.
All without apologizing, or admitting he was a leftist who didn't like Correia's rightist leanings, I'm sure. I've sometimes asked queries like the following, and will again, but, what if Correia were of Israeli background? How would such people respond then? Don't be shocked if they certainly had the wish to topple a man or woman of Israeli/Jewish descent, all because they happened to be conservative leaning.

If the Marscon's management is smart, they will make sure Correia's invitations remain firmly intact, and distance themselves from this Roberts instead. And she'd do well on her part to offer Correia a mea culpa, in any event. The leftist obsession with obliterating all conservative participating in the entertainment world has got to cease.

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