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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 

Polygon sugarcoats Marvel's direction with Mary Jane Watson

As though it weren't bad enough the aforementioned writer Zeb Wells was irritating Spider-fans whom neither he nor Marvel seem to have any interest in pleasing, now pretentious Polygon's writing a superficial briefing of the Spider-storyline, making no serious attempt to be objective:
For an entire year, Amazing Spider-Man has been teasing readers with its set up. It has all the usual hallmarks of a Spider-Man comic, but with glaring mysteries: Why is Peter Parker persona non grata with everyone he’s normally chums with? Why is Mary Jane dating some guy who has two elementary school age children?

By all appearances, six months before the events of last year’s Amazing Spider-Man #1, Spider-Man did something so heinous and wild as that it made his entire social network stop speaking to him and Mary Jane start dating a single dad.

And now Amazing Spider-Man is finally getting around to explaining what it was.

[...] As you might be able to tell from John Romita’s art here, writer Zeb Wells has taken Spider-Man in a somewhat timey-wimey direction. Yes, it’s a good old “time moves faster in the alternate dimension” story, but from the perspective of the real world.

When Mary Jane got trapped in an apocalypse dimension, Spider-Man burned all his bridges, stealing a miniature fusion reactor from the Fantastic Four and pummeling Captain America to escape. He did all this to recruit the only person who’d help him (a desperate for redemption Norman Osborn) turn the fusion reactor into a dimension hopping device so he could go back and get her.

But all that webslinging, punching, and mad science took him a whole day, which was apparently enough time for Mary Jane to meet another survivor, give up on getting rescued, fall in love, and make two entire humans.

There’s Parker luck, but this is extreme.
And in a very bad way. It's no different from a few other runs since the turn of the century with instances where Peter arrives too late to meet Mary Jane, and here, they certainly trolled the audience with the notion that instead of bearing children for Peter, if MJ bore any, it was for another man. That this takes place in another dimension doesn't alleviate the bad taste they're foisting on Spidey, right down to how this story downplays Osborn's past villainy, and is a slap in the face to Gwen Stacy. And Polygon's writer can only offer a non-commital take on the subject that doesn't approach the storyline with a critical eye. She even wrote a brief about Tom Taylor's Nightwing run that's no better:
So I’m really looking forward to seeing how Tom Taylor, a bit of a master at wild continuity swings that are still full of character, plans to bring the wide, wide web of Titans together in one book. In the meantime, his Nightwing is basically a Titans book at the moment, with the classic ’80s/Cartoon team lineup trying to rescue a little girl’s soul from hell, where her dad sold it to.
Coming from a such a politically motivated writer, it won't be shocking if this turns out to be as tasteless as it sounds. And they predictably have the gall to sugarcoat it. There's even this brief about a Jason Aaron Avengers tale, Assemble Omega:
I would say that Jason Aaron’s Avengers run went out with a bang, but honestly it’s been cranked up to 11 for so long that I’ve got the comic book reading equivalent of tinnitus for it. I’m happy for a writer to have spent so long doing something he’s clearly very excited about, [...]
I'm not, nor is anybody else who was alienated by this guy's social justice pandering politics. But it's no shock Polygon's still writing these insulting farces. They're some of the worst of the mainstream industry's apologists.

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