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Friday, May 05, 2023 

Game Rant believes an inferior, non-classic modern Spider-Man story would be great for adapting to a video game

Game Rant, talking about new video games based on Spidey, has decided a terrible story that's little more than a decade old is not only a "classic", it would be fantastic for adapting as a game:
Slated for a Fall release, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is still shrouded in mystery. With just one trailer and a handful of developer comments to go off, details surrounding Marvel's Spider-Man 2's story are scarce, with fans only really knowing that Kraven the Hunter and Venom will play a primary role in the narrative. Aside from that, it's unclear just how Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will play out or what characters will be used, but there's one cult Spidey comic run that could be set up during the game.

Debuting in March 2013, over 10 years ago now, the Superior Spider-Man comic run sees Otto Octavius steal Peter Parker's body and become the titular Superior Spider-Man. In the final issue of the Dying Wish story, Otto uses his mind-swapping technology to trap Peter Parker in his own dying body. Unable to get back into his own body due to his frail state, Peter Parker dies, though not before transferring his memories to Otto. In seeing Peter's memories, Otto Octavius realizes that he's gone too far, and promises on the memory of Peter Parker that he'll be a better Spider-Man than he ever was, a Superior Spider-Man.

The rest of the Superior Spider-Man comic run follows the Otto-controlled Spider-Man as he attempts to finally rid New York City of crime altogether, no matter the means. Though his actions start noble, such as breaking off Spidey's relationship with MJ in order to protect her, the Superior Spider-Man quickly returns to Otto's villainous roots - albeit with a more just cause in mind. Over the course of the run, the Superior Spider-Man not only savagely beats up minor villains like Screwball, but publicly executes Alistair Smythe, among other villains. The Superior Spider-Man run eventually ends with Peter regaining control of his body, having returned from a manifestation in Otto's mind, and Otto Octavius willingly sacrificing himself, agreeing that Peter is the only one capable of being Spider-Man.

The Superior Spider-Man arc has been a fairly divisive one since its initial release back in 2013. For some fans, the concept of a villain trying to outdo a hero by becoming an even better version of them is enough of a unique hook alone to warrant a read, while other fans feel as though the run felt like more of a cheap gimmick that wasn't properly thought out beforehand. But regardless of its reception, the groundwork is already there for Insomniac Games to adapt this comic run for Marvel's Spider-Man.
I'm sorry, but this whole notion of adapting bad storylines into movies and video games has long gone way too far, and based on this being a very recent tale, not one from the Silver/Bronze Ages, that's why it's a cheap gimmick for this article to recommend Inferior Dr. Octopus instead of a real classic for adaptations. And "more just cause"? Considering Doc Ock visits violence and death upon other villains, regardless of the severity of their own crimes, that's why it's plain stupid and definitely in questionable taste. Just because a villain in another body is doing the deeds against other villains doesn't make the story any more valid or palatable. The claim Doc kept MJ away for her "protection" also doesn't wash. Mainly because much of what was published post-One More Day was some of the most insulting tripe ever produced, deliberately for the sake of offending the Spider-fanbase, and I'm not forgetting that cover from the time where Spidey was kissing Black Cat at MJ's expense.

I'd read Game Rant was a very leftist site, as this Federalist article points out, and this certainly does nothing to alleviate the perception they're so biased, they can't bring themselves to admit stories like Inferior Dr. Octopus - as I prefer to call it - are some of the worst modern comic scripts on the market. No wonder they even downplay the harm Marvel's staff at the time did by calling it merely "fairly divisive". If such a terrible tale is ever adapted to video games and movies, I definitely won't be buying them.

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