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Friday, June 02, 2023 

Manga translator arrested for child pornography given too light a sentence

Stefan Koza, the manga translator who'd been arrested a few years ago for possession of child pornography, hasn't actually received enough of a sentence in jail itself, according to Sportskeeda:
Former Jujutsu Kaisen translator Stefan Koza's punishment was recently made public by the Fairfax County Circuit Court of Virginia. On eight counts of having child p*rnography, 35-year-old Koza was found guilty. With a concurrent 10-year sentence for each offense, the court gave him a total prison term of 10 years.

However, the court did allow Koza a partially suspended sentence, which meant that a sizable chunk of his jail term would be completed while subject to strict probation. This development has spurred debates and discussions about the seriousness of the offense and the proper penalties for such conduct.
This kind of lenience isn't new, but it's still very disappointing when the courts decide to reduce the length of the prison term for felons who committed severe crimes like these, even if they didn't commit physical sexual violence themselves.
Stefan Koza will be placed on supervised probation for the entirety of his seven-year sentence for each offense, which includes required mental health counselling. During this time, he must also go through s*x offender therapy. Additionally, Koza is forbidden from using internet-capable gadgets and owning cameras or other visual recording equipment to guarantee restricted internet access. He also has to pay for all the case-related expenses and sign up to be a s*x offender in Virginia.

Koza must complete the final three years of his sentence in prison, but the Fairfax County Circuit Court did not specify how much time he has already served or how much time is still to go. News organizations have asked the Virginia Department of Corrections for clarification on these specifics through Freedom of Information Act requests.
When the specifics of his sentence aren't clear, it doesn't inspire enough confidence the legal system is doing a good job in punishing the felon for his criminal offense.
Koza's participation in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga has sparked worries about the security and welfare of others who labor in the field. To safeguard the wellbeing of workers and contributors, it emphasizes the necessity for publishers and production businesses to put in place stringent screening procedures and extensive background checks.
They're right about this. Both in the USA and overseas, publishers who care about safety and retaining a responsible image have to start issuing some sort of morality clause in their employment contracts that could even force offenders to forfeit any residuals received for their work if they're convicted of a severe crime. But alas, there's no telling if that'll ever be done.

Since we're on the subject, it's also sad to discover that Gerard Jones, who was jailed for the same offenses Koza committed (and much like him, also worked in manga translations) was released from prison last December after serving only about 4 years of what was originally a sentence of 6 years in a prison facility. Though he'll remain under supervision for another 5, it's still a shame he too may not have received enough time in prison for his own offenses. Though if he's restricted from using internet services, that's a good thing.

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