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Thursday, June 08, 2023 

SJWs hijack Spider-Verse sequel to desecrate Gwen Stacy

I'd already thought the whole concept of Into the Spider-Verse relied far too much on PC elements first conceived in the past decade or so, mostly begun by the awful Brian Bendis. Now, as the Daily Wire reports, Gwen Stacy's Spider-Gwen (or Spider-Woman) counterpart has been hijacked for pushing LGBT propaganda, and worse, what if the movie counterpart was turned into a transsexual, as some Twitter creeps are claiming? For now, here's what's told:
Some fans of the new animated Sony film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” are convinced that the fictional character Gwen Stacy is transgender.

In the sequel to Sony’s highly successful “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018), viewers observed that the color palette used in several of Stacy’s scenes “appear imbued with the pastel blue, pink and white” colors of the transgender Pride flag, The Pink News reported. There is also a “Protect Trans Kids” sign on the wall of Stacy’s bedroom.

A third example comes from a scene where Stacy reveals her secret identity as Spider-Woman to her father, who is a police officer reportedly wearing a “trans Pride flag badge” pinned to his uniform. The Pink News reported that many viewers interpreted the scene as a metaphor for coming out. The colors of the transgender Pride flag are also incorporated into the animation.
I think it's possible to say these aren't really "fans", so much as they are cultural hijackers who wish to tarnish the item more than it already is. No matter what they say, the chances they've seriously read the Spider-Man material prior to the turn of the century is minimal, and they certainly don't respect it any more than Gwen's original creator, Stan Lee (and artists Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr).

Spider-Gwen may not have been changed wholesale into a transsexual in this cartoon, but if they did, that'd be a multiple humiliation of the original character who'd already suffered enough from being murdered by the Green Goblin in 1973. Mainly because Norman Osborn was later revived, yet Gwen remained firmly in the grave (in contrast to the aforementioned Punisher's wife, who was resurrected just so Frank Castle could be humiliated as a creation). It goes without saying that that kind of MO is hugely insulting to the very concept of science fiction, making it look as though a civilian, selectively or otherwise, is denied the right to revival, in contrast to a villain. Let's also recall Harry Osborn was resurrected in a contrived tale post-One More Day in the past decade or so, in another form of insult to the audience's intellects. Because that too has the effect of making it look like a lady's not worth revival as compared to a man.

I'll be avoiding the Spider-Verse sequel no matter the tone or content, because even stealthed propaganda can be very noxious. And while fictional characters aren't at fault for anything, one could argue there's too many Spider-combatants in costumes injected into the MCU at this point anyway. All that's done is dilute Spidey's uniqueness as a creation.

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