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Sunday, September 03, 2023 

This so-called "rabbi" who collects comics is an embarrassment

Ynet/JTA interviewed a rabbi belonging to the Conservative/Reform movement living in West Virginia who's a comics collector and a Lego builder, but has very disturbingly woke beliefs that the sects he represents tragically embrace. First, here's what's told about his hobbies:
A West Virginia rabbi landed on the front page of his city’s newspaper earlier this month — not because of anything that happened at his synagogue, but because of his local fame as the builder of ever-more-ambitious Lego projects.

A 4-foot-tall Superman figure – all made of the tiny plastic blocks – stands alongside the books and Judaica in Rabbi Victor Urecki’s office at Charleston’s B’nai Jacob Synagogue
. Where other rabbis might keep candy for children who visit his office, Urecki stores small Lego sets from the Disney Princess series and Moana’s dolphin cove in his desk drawers.

Urecki told the newspaper, the Charleston Gazette-Mail, that he was drawn to Lego building because he and his wife Marilyn can work together and feel a shared sense of accomplishment.

But to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Yeshiva University-ordained rabbi said that wasn’t the whole story. While he initially wrote in an email that he feels there isn’t “really a ‘Judaism’ angle to this story,” he added that part of what he loves about his small community is that they are “giving and understanding,” especially when it comes to his hobbies.

“They have put up with this comic book collecting, Peloton/fitness crazy, and now Lego-building rabbi,” Urecki added. “If you want to know why my wife and I have never once thought of leaving this state that continues to decline in population and why we plan to stay around when we retire in a couple of years, look no further than this amazingly supportive shul we have been blessed with. They are the real story.”

Urecki’s extracurricular pursuits are a major part of his identity. He was born in Argentina, and his early interest with comic-book collecting began as a way to learn English. Now, he has a whole room dedicated to comics — and, increasingly, Lego — in his house in Charleston, where he has also hosted an adult continuing-education class on Lego construction through a local university.

“One of the gifts that this congregation has given me is they have allowed me to be me,” Urecki told JTA. “They didn’t shudder when they heard I collect comics. Instead, for my birthday and for different things, they get a kiddush lunch and they put comic books on the things for the luncheon.”

The support goes a long way back. Urecki once told a local news TV host that when he appeared — as himself — on the cover of a short-lived comic book called “Big Bad Blood of Dracula,” in 1991, and a congregant bought 100 copies to share with others in the community.
If only this were more admirable than it sounds. Unfortunately, this "rabbi" turns out to have some very woke beliefs, as noted in the following:
“The congregation has allowed me to grow not just as me, but also as a rabbi,” Urecki said. “I’ve got to explore avenues that I don’t think I would have done in other places. I’m not the same rabbi that came in back in ’86. I want to perform intermarriages. I want to be there for same-sex marriages — things that I didn’t think I would ever be comfortable or want to do, now I embrace. And I think part of it is because I’ve been in such a diverse community that I have to be there for everyone.”

Those transitions have not always been easy. Urecki remembers the exact date he got the phone call from the Rabbinical Council of America, an association for Orthodox rabbis, asking him to resign: May 29, 2018.
Wow, what is it that drives these lefties to be such bleeding-hearts, as far as LGBT ideology is concerned? This is exactly why I can't appreciate his comics collecting, or his Lego-building. He thinks upholding LGBT beliefs is that important, even if it comes at the expense of heterosexual marriage, as it is, and homosexual men are discouraged from learning how to best lead relations with women, all because homosexuality is such an utterly big deal? I'm hugely disappointed with him. Towards the end:
And sharing those interests with his congregants has helped him connect to them. Letting the wider community and his congregation in, letting them see his comic book collection and his giant Superman, Urecki says, “does create a certain amount of humanity. People put rabbis, ministers, priests on this pedestal and they’re afraid to talk to them.”
What does this mean? That Orthodox adherents literally never appreciated them? What baloney. I'm not sorry the RCA expelled him from their services if this is how he's going to go about. All he's doing is make it look like comics readers and collectors are a whole bunch of wokeists. Come to think of it, that he's a collector may not necessarily mean he's a serious reader, and if he's not, and only a collector, that's another disappointment about him.

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