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Monday, January 08, 2024 

IGN anticipates what true Marvel/DC fans shouldn't

IGN's fawning over what they claim to be anticipating for the coming year at Marvel and DC. For example, the overpublished X-Men franchise:
Marvel’s X-Men line is still riding high on the momentum generated by 2019’s House of X and Powers of X, even if things have been looking pretty bleak for the mutant race in recent months. Sadly, the Krakoan era can’t last forever, and things are rapidly winding down as 2024 begins.

The end of this long-running storyline is playing out much as it started five years ago, with the climax of the Krakoan era unfolding in two parallel series - Fall of the House of X (by Gerry Duggan and Lucas Werneck) and Rise of the Powers of X (by Kieron Gillen and RB Silva). Can the X-Men ultimately triumph over Orchis? Are machines destined to consume the world? These and many other questions will be answered over the next several months.

That’s not to say Marvel won’t still be publishing plenty of other new X-Men content alongside those two titles. Wolverine is finally having a rematch with his greatest nemesis in Wolverine: The Sabretooth War (by Benjamin Percy, Victor LaValle, Geoff Shaw and Cory Smith). Meanwhile, Gillen will be following up the recently concluded Immortal X-Men with a four-part epilogue series called X-Men Forever. All of this paves the way for a brand new era for the X-Men in summer 2024. But we’ll get to what that entails in a little while.
Naturally, no questions raised whether this is doing any good, artistically or financially, to be launching so many X-books, or even Batbooks. Say, and is Gillen, the same writer who retconned Iron Man's parents away from biological connection, involved in what's coming next? Another reason to stay far away from this waste of paper. This is nothing original they're doing, putting them on an island in the first place is unimpressive if they don't go beyond the premise and have the protagonists battle issues like Islamic terrorism and nuclear warfare, and bleakness has been heard of before. And since I mentioned Batbooks, IGN's looking forward to one specific item starring a prominent villain, that being Joker: Year One, which DC is touting as the Clown Prince of Crime's origin:
Even after all these decades, Joker’s origin story remains shrouded in mystery. That may change starting in Batman #142, as DC kicks off a new storyline called Joker: Year One. Echoing Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s iconic Batman: Year One storyline, Joker: Year One traces the Clown Prince of Crime’s chaotic first steps after emerging from the vat of chemicals in Batman: The Killing Joke. How did he become the terrifying force of nature he is today? And how will these revelations about Joker’s early months impact Batman in the present day?

The best part is that we don’t have to wait long for answers. All three chapters of Joker: Year One will be published weekly in February 2024.
Sorry, it's much too late, and as I've complained before, all these spotlights on villainy have long gotten way out of hand. I'm sure there's a whole wellspring in exploring the origins and childhoods of civilian co-stars, maybe even Moira MacTaggart of the X-Men, but even there, the Big 2 have no serious interest in trying it out or accepting a pitch by an author with rationale. Next, here's what the say about Spider-Man:
It’s always a big deal when Marvel’s flagship Amazing Spider-Man comic hits issue #50, a tradition dating all the way back to “Spider-Man No More!” in 1967’s The Amazing Spider-Man #50. It just so happens the latest volume is reaching that milestone in 2024, and it looks like dark days are once again looming for poor Peter.

As teased in the solicitation for Marvel’s FCBD 2024 special, The Amazing Spider-Man #50 looks to revolve around Norman Osborn’s return as the Green Goblin. Norman has been an unlikely ally to Peter in recent years, but a recent storyline laid the groundwork for a return to villainy. Can Peter handle the return of his deadliest nemesis with everything else going on in his chaotic life?
Sorry, but it hasn't been a big deal when Spidey reaches a milestone issue for a long, long time. If memory serves, J. Michael Stracynski wrote a 50th issue 2 decades ago, where Peter and MJ reunited after the forced mandate by Joe Quesada at the time, and that was soured by leftist metaphors leaking in. The part about dark days ahead for Peter is also reason to stay away. Because One More Day was just that. And then, as if it couldn't get worse, DC's got a special focusing on the non-binary character they've introduced, Dreamer:
While we’re still waiting to see exactly how Beast World transforms the DCU, we do know of one big development coming up in 2024. Amanda Waller will be spearheading a new incarnation of Task Force X, though one anchored by a very surprising new member.

The latest Suicide Squad features Dreamer fighting alongside more traditional recruits like Harley Quinn, Bizarro and Black Alice. Even more intriguing is the fact that the series is written by Supergirl actress Nicole Maines, who played Dreamer over the course of multiple seasons.

Maines will be charting Dreamer’s story on multiple fronts in 2024. This year also sees the release of the YA graphic novel Bad Dream, which reveals the full origin story of this powerful but troubled heroine.
This is clearly a publicity stunt, written as it is by somebody emphasizing transsexuality, made worse by the continued emphasis on vicious criminals like HQ. The citation of young-adult novels is more signs something's wrong. And then, Marvel's replacing Moon Knight:
Writer Jed MacKay recently ended his Moon Knight series with the death of Marc Spector, who heroically sacrificed himself to stop his nemesis Black Spectre. But even after Marc’s death, those who travel by night are still in need of protection… and that means a new hero must take up the Moon Knight mantle.

That’s where Marvel’s new series Vengeance of the Moon Knight comes in. The mission is the same, but the man underneath the mask has changed. Fortunately, MacKay is still at the helm of the new series, which is a very good thing considering that Moon Knight has long been one of Marvel’s best monthly comics. We don’t see that changing just because the main character is different.
Oh, do tell us about it. I have no idea so far if the new protagonist in the costume is of a race other than white, or if he's an LGBT character, but this is no better than the other news so far. I don't accept. This caring about the costume more than the character has long gone way too far, and even if Marc's sacrifice was heroic, that too has been long rendered tasteless. Oh, and look at how IGN's writer is fawning over the Ultimate Marvel universe and it's reboot revival:
Marvel’s Ultimate Universe line used to be one of the hottest things in comics back in the early ‘00s. Can history repeat itself? We’re about to find out this year as Marvel launches a brand-new version of the Ultimate Universe. This isn’t a continuation of the original, but rather a new universe that builds on the foundation of 2023’s Ultimate Invasion.

Look for three monthly titles in the initial Ultimate lineup. Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Spider-Man features an older, married Peter Parker just becoming Spidey for the first time. Bryan Edward Hill and Stefano Caselli’s Ultimate Black Panther pits T’Challa against the twin gods Ra and Khonshu. And Peach Momoko’s Ultimate X-Men features a Japanese manga and body horror-influenced take on mutants. It’s a promising lineup indeed.
This doesn't impress, nor does it amuse. And if they believe spotlighting a married Peter in a different universe/continuity is going to appease or alleviate complaints regarding 616, forget it. Like I noted before, chances are something awful like wokeness could occur, marriage to MJ or none. And it gets no better with the news about what woke writer is joining the Superman titles:
Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson just wrapped up his excellent run on Action Comics in December, so what’s next for DC’s longest-running series? DC is kicking off a new year-long initiative dubbed “Superman Superstars,” with a rotating cast of creators introducing new stories with major ramifications for the franchise.

The biggest news here is that former Marvel mainstay Jason Aaron is writing a three-part storyline called “I, Bizarro.” After that, Superman writer Joshua Williamson will pen an arc featuring the Superman family and Lobo battling Brainiac. And that’s just the first half of DC’s ambitious plans for Action Comics this year.
Aaron's involvement alone is reason enough to avoid this path like the plague. I hesitate to think what they have in store for Supergirl too. Ditto what plans they have for Bizarro, based on his being a crook. And if Lobo's mid-90s canon remains, that's bad too. There's also more sugary commentary about the X-Men:
We’ve already covered the climax of the X-Men’s Krakoan era, but what comes next? That’s a question Marvel has only begun to answer. We know that editor Tom Brevoort is leaving the Avengers line to spearhead a line-wide X-Men relaunch in mid-2024. It remains to be seen whether this relaunch will involve a return to a more traditional status quo, with the X-Men back in the mansion, or something as groundbreaking as House of X. But either way, the result will be a fresh jumping-on point for the franchise that comes just as the X-Men are beginning to make themselves known in the MCU.

We’ll get our first taste of the new X-Men line with May’s FCBD 2024: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1, which features a Jubilee-focused preview story from Gail Simone and David Marquez. It’s probably safe to assume that Simone and Marquez will be one of the new creative teams tapped for the relaunched X-Men line.
I think Simone's involvement is enough to avoid what's coming too at this point. She was so overrated to begin with. And then, there's a crooked variation on Super Sons debuting:
Peter Tomasi’s Super Sons comic was easily one of the best things to come out of the DC Rebirth initiative. Sadly, DC’s decision to age up Jonathan Kent marked the end of an era for Superboy and Robin, even if the two heroes do still team up from time to time. But now there’s a new tag-team duo ready to carry on the Super Sons legacy, albeit with a more villainous spin.

Cue Sinister Sons
, a new series from Tomasi and David Lafuente. This book focuses on General Zod’s son Lor-Zod and Sinestro’s son Sinson. They aren’t exactly a crimefighting Dynamic Duo, but we’re excited to see what mischief these two super-powered miscreants can conjure up when Sinister Sons launches in February.
As I've said before, the focus on villany's gotten way out of hand, ditto all these non-stop variations on characters already created. This is so derivative in its own way, it's not even funny.

Maybe the saddest part of this is that, as this fluff-coated ICV2 article also points out, some of the entries have Free Comic Book Day specials coming out, meaning quite a few people could end up wasting time on them as a result, and maybe getting indoctrinated with woke propaganda along the way. That's got to be one of the worst things about freebies. They can be exploited for distributing bad stuff.

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