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Thursday, January 18, 2024 

Indian education department allowing a UNESCO propaganda comic to be employed, featuring LGBT ideology

The Indian Express has news of a woke propaganda comic sponsored by UNESCO that's now being employed by India's education department:
Boys can cook too and help their mothers in the kitchen, girls can play cricket, transgenders deserve equal respect in society and should not be teased due to their gender — topics including these and more are a part of a unique comic book “Let’s Move Forward” released by the UNESCO Delhi in association with the NCERT and the Union Ministry of Education to spread awareness on several taboos and shatter stereotypes among schoolchildren.
First, is there really anything original about boys doing kitchen work, and girls playing cricket? There's women who've played baseball and basketball, so what's the big deal about cricket? Or boys who could practice to become chefs? But the part about LGBT ideology, that's what's actually alarming here.
Eric Falt, director and representative, UNESCO to India, Bhutan, the Maldives and Sri Lanka, said that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development shows that “quality education, good health and well-being, gender equality and human rights are intrinsically intertwined. The NCERT took the lead in developing the School Health Programme curriculum and resource materials on the health and well-being of adolescents in partnership with UN agencies and other partners. The essence of joyful learning comes through this comic book which aims at enhancing knowledge and awareness of adolescents.”

Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Minister for Education, said that “good health is a pre-requisite for national development. Therefore, the health and well-being of adolescents is the topmost priority in nation-building efforts. Education and health are inextricably linked and schools are ideal setting for both health education and health promotion initiatives. They need to be addressed in school curriculum and pedagogy.”
And I guess students require some indoctrination too, huh? This is not a good sign when something like this is being distributed in any sane country's schools. Absolutely awful.
The 32-page comic book — which has been recently uploaded on the website of the Union Ministry of Education for students to read — also guides children that they should not fall for misleading advertisements about beauty products or bodybuilding supplements which can also have an ill effect on their health.
This sounds fishy too. Are they trying to discourage children from pursuing happiness in later life, whether it's girls wanting to be proud of their femininity, and boys wanting to be strong in muscle? Given the comic contains woke beliefs, that's why this is disturbing. As the following notes:
The comic book, in another interesting theme, sensitizes children on respecting transgenders and other third gender persons.

Seeing a group of transgenders begging on the road, a girl asks: “Why are they begging?” Her mother replies: “Our society does not provide them with equal status or opportunities.” The girl, seeing a group of boys teasing transgenders says: “It is not funny to tease someone because of their gender. They deserve the same respect as everyone else.” She then makes the boys apologize to them

The message at the end of the story says: “It is important to identify gender discrimination and raise our voices against it to debunk stereotypes and stigma. We must allow each individual to live with their own identity peacefully. We must support transgender rights and encourage others to speak out and help change the minds of people who aren’t support of transgender people.”
Uh, don't they mean to say lifestyle? Now this is definitely atrocious. Of course it's not funny to mock people over stuff like that. But normalizing destructive lifestyles that even endanger women and children, not to mention pushing propaganda about a "third gender", that's horrific. Unfortunately, even if the children were to simply argue that it's creepy and degrading to lead such lifestyles, that too would be seen as unacceptable by the Orwellian crowd pushing this revolting ideology.

Last year, Starbucks caused offense in India with transsexual propaganda, and an interesting point was made about how the wokesters running those ad campaigns have a hypocritical position, one which likely is the same regarding how UNESCO's comic propaganda is employed:
Starbucks India launched a transgender acceptance ad campaign last week. It was met with considerable anger by customers in the Hindu-majority nation, who resented the coffee company for attempting to infuse American “woke” politics into Indian culture.

Baffled customers who were unfamiliar with totalitarian “wokeness” wondered why a coffee company was lecturing them on sexuality.

“At Starbucks, we love and accept you for who you are. Because being yourself means everything to us,” the political/coffee ad declared.

The ad campaign, launched under the hashtag #ItStartsWithYourName, shows an Indian couple accepting their male-to-female transgender child by saying the child had merely added a letter to the name, changing it from “Arpit” to “Arpita.” This seems like a massive underselling of what transsexualism actually entails, but Starbucks makes a big deal about names because its baristas write them on customers’ cups. [...]

Newsweek found some “right-leaning social media users” who compared Starbucks India’s ad to the Bud Light transgender beer debacle, including calls for an organized boycott of Starbucks like the one that crushed Annheuser-Busch sales in the United States.

Several of the Indian critics quoted in Newsweek complained that Starbucks would never dare to run such a campaign in a Muslim-majority country.

“You will bring such adverts to India but you wouldn’t dare talk like this in the Middle East would you? Am going to show this to my colleagues and friends and then let’s see how they treat Starbucks UAE,” one said, referring to the United Arab Emirates.

“No, Starbucks India, it does NOT start with the name,” said another. “If it did, you would have showed an ad where Asif becomes Asifa or John turning into a Jane. But you don’t have the guts to do that, because your ad guys want their heads attacked to their necks! So you give gyan only to Hindus!” fumed another. Gyan is a religious lecture.

As Newsweek pointed out, transgenderism was legally recognized as a third gender by an Indian court in 2014.
They raise an important point about the double-standard employed when it comes to Islamic countries by contrast, which is doubtless the same when it comes to these "educational" comics infiltrating the education system as well. The court ruling that supported transsexual ideology a decade ago is also a bad omen. Let's hope all concerned parents in India will take note of the terrible news, and do their best to protest the use of this UNESCO-sponsored comic propaganda, which sabotages any and all supposed opposition to gender discrimination by shoving in an ideology that's practically built on just that. All this news does is prove why the UN itself is so outmoded.

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