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Saturday, February 10, 2024 

NYC school system publishing its own, possibly woke education comics

Popverse announced the NYC school curriculum's introducing their own comics, allegedly for education:
Reading comics while in school could get you in trouble (unless comics are part of the curriculum), but the New York City public school system is doing something unique: it's a comic publisher itself, and it has a big new project with a print run of 100,000.
On this, there's certainly an interesting point to be made about how strange it is the school system won't accept comics unless they're something the education department developed themselves. But the following brings up something that doesn't really make this unique, so much as it does hint this is more like liberal political propaganda:
And the comics are all being given away to NYC public school students.

This project is being orchestrated by the New York City Department of Education - the largest school system in the U.S. - and the Civics For All Comics Group as part of its American history curriculum. The comic, created by writer Henry Barajas, artist Louie Chin, colorist Gab Contreras, and cover artist J. Gonzo, is a biography of farm labor and human rights leader Dolores Huerta titled Dolores Huerta and the Plight of the Farm Workers' Union Organizers. The biography chronicles this civil rights leader's path - and does so remarkably while she is still alive to see this kind of recognition.

“Historias de Resistencia: Dolores Huerta and the Plight of the Farm Workers' Union Organizers is more than just a comic book. It is a tribute to the power of grassroots activism and the enduring legacy of one Mexican American woman's fight for justice," says Barajas in the announcement. "Through its pages, readers of all ages can absorb, study, and be inspired to stand up for what is right."

In addition to the 100,000 print run of Dolores Huerta and the Plight of the Farm Workers' Union Organizers being given out to students starting March 1, the school system is also making a digital version of the comic available for free to reach its entire student population (and the world).

This book is the first of several planned comic books by the NYC public school system in the 'Historias de Resistencia' series.
Resistance to what? That's what comes off as fishy here. Would that be family values? Because I noticed on the 3rd page in the slideshow the talk of "LGBT brothers and sisters", and when they drag that kind of blabber into the mix, it becomes apparent they're more interested in pushing stuff considered unsuitable for children into a supposedly educational publication. And Gavin Newsom, governor of California, makes an appearance in the comic pages themselves. What's so great about him that's not so great about say, Florida governor Ron deSantis?

I'm afraid this appears to be little more than another left-wing propaganda publication, and wouldn't you know it, they're giving it away for free, a most cunning tactic bad propagandists employ, if that's what it takes to indoctrinate even more. If you need to tell the history of how the agricultural community's gone about, that's okay. But pushing woke propaganda on students has long become insufferable, and this is decidedly something concerned parents shouldn't overlook. New York is just not a good place to be sending kids to school anymore.

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