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Saturday, June 15, 2024 

A columnist comparing Magneto and Scar from Full Metal Alchemist pens offensive political distortions

Anime News Network published a bizarre piece by a writer who may have also written for CBR, who draws comparisons between X-Men's Magneto and Scar from Full Metal Alchemist. But what really sabotages this article is when he stoops to stealth assaults on Israel and the USA:
Arakawa drew on Japan's history with the Ainu when creating Amestris and Ishval, but she (purposefully or not) tapped into the contemporary events of Western Imperialism too. Every iteration of Fullmetal Alchemist invokes the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in depicting the Ishvalan War of Extermination. Nowadays, the images of desert cities turned to rubble and children crying surrounded by explosions evoke the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

X-Men purposefully parallels civil rights struggles too. Mutants are mostly accepted as a queer allegory these days if an imperfect one. By using characters like Magneto and Scar to represent real struggles, the question becomes: when is it ok for the oppressed to hit back? Why must self-defense come with a loss of the moral high ground?
What's truly offensive here is how he obscures the Hamas bloodbath of Israelis in the south end of the country on October 7, 2023. Was Israel's government and military truly supposed to hold back after something so obscene happened? Does this sorry excuse for a columnist actually believe what those jihadist did is excusable and justified? And then, the columnist also has the disgrace of obscuring any valid reasons for invading Iraq, not the least being that Saddam Hussain was a tyrant, and enabled sexual violence committed by his own staff and troops when he still held a grip over Iraq. The columnist also obscures September 11, 2001, and the Islamic jihadism that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center, and murder of nearly 3000 people, which the "palestinians" celebrated at the time. It's nauseating how all this is obscured in favor of a far-left narrative that additionally obscures the existence of victims and their families. To make matters worse:
“Magneto Was Right” has become a meme, repeated by X-Men fans who've had the same realization as I. In X-Men' 97, those three words are said aloud — not even by one of his fellow mutants, but by a sympathetic human. The Genosha genocide made the future so bleak for mutants, yet it surprised none of them that even the story can't label Magneto misguided. Fullmetal Alchemist could be an even greater tale if "Scar Was Right" had crossed anyone's mind but his own.
And this sounds like horrific comments made in places like TikTok, that "hitler was right". Needless to say, no matter what one may think of a fictional character like Magneto, whom some writers back in the day may have gone too far with, if the columnist is drawing bizarre analogies to that as well, that too is offensive and minimizes the seriousness of murder and terrorism. Does he also think it's okay if Islamic regimes murder LGBT practitioners? That's the bewildering double-standard many left-wing LGBT activists have regarding the Religion of Peace, even as they hijack X-Men to serve as what they sadly believe should be a one-sided metaphor. This article, if correct about X-Men 97, certainly does have something eyebrow raising to tell about the scripts, written as they were by an ideologue who even communicated with somebody putting a PLO flag on his social media account.

Japanese manga and anime can contain political metaphors that can be offensive, and I do recall recently finding a disturbing item about one of Lupin the Third's miniseries minimizing the seriousness of Islamic terrorism just a short time after the massacre at the Bataclan theater in 2015. But it's not every day you find one literally building on antisemitism the way this propaganda column does, and what that sick journalist does only makes ANN look bad, if they keep on accepting such trash. ANN really looks like an embarrassment if and when their editorial accepts these kind of propaganda items that're hurtful to the west, when you notice how they even build on accusations of "western imperialism". Those kind of smears are exactly what led to these disasters in the first place.

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