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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 

Boom Studios wants to bait conservative controversy

Wow, no sooner did Mark Waid make his ill-advised attack on FOX News last week, Boom Studios, where he's the main editor, has revealed this is just the beginning, as they release an anti-conservative monstrosity called "Repuglicans":
Less than a week after controversy erupted over what some interpreted as an unflattering depiction of Tea Party protesters in last month's “Captain America #602”, independent comic book publisher BOOM! Studios has announced "Repuglicans!", a project apparently aimed squarely at riling the political right.

"Repuglicans!" is an upcoming 128-page, digest-sized book by artist Pete Von Sholly with “wry commentary” by writer Steve Tatham. The book will be published by BOOM! Studios' new imprint BOOM! Town, created to showcase "high quality, lit-oriented comix."

The publisher calls it a “completely unfair and not balanced take on Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks,” in an obvious satire of the Fox News slogan. The cover art depicts Wacky Packages-esque “creatures of the right” parody versions of major conservative figures, including former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a vampire and Fox News anchor Glenn Beck as a zombie. But artist Von Sholly does not mince words when he describes the book as showing, "...the true face of the right, and it’s not pretty."

Given the timing of the announcement, BOOM! Studios might be hoping to capitalize on the "comic books vs. conservatism" buzz that flooded cable news and political blogs last week.


Whether or not conservatives take the bait and respond to BOOM! Studios and “Repuglicans!” remains to be seen. Either way, it seems unlikely an apology will be forthcoming from the publisher any time soon.
No matter, because we don't need to buy their products anymore. I guess they must be hurting for cash, so they decided to take the easy way out. Clearly, Boom Studios is not worth supporting, and Waid's become hopeless. Time for boom to go bust.

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I ain't no Republican or Repuglican, but this is just pathetic. More proof that today's comic companies (except Archie I guess) cater only to fat, middle-aged, porn addict lefties who think Penn and Teller are the epitome of objective thought and truthfulness.

'Wry commentary' I'm sure; it'll probably be on the level of 'LOLZ PALLIN SUXX' and 'BUSSH WAS, LIKKE, TOTTALLY GAAY, MAN!'

And I've been praising his work in The Incredibles comic even before Landry Walker joined in.

Horrible stuff. Really bizarre positioning too, with comics as being somehow inherently left wing or liberal. Wonder what Ditko etc. make of that.

Who are these freaks that comment at Shillarama? Ninnies crawling out of every hole out there. Few of these people seem to see any problem with this ongoing politicization of comics, not just this oddball indie stuff, but mainstream material like Cap and Spidey. Give me a damn fistfight, screw the lectures!

This Repub/Dem crap is everywhere now, can't escape it. Even ESPN has been slowly getting that way. 50 bazillion news channels should be enough! I don't like any political party, just wish they'd leave me the hell alone. But noooo, Waidey and Co. have to keep smashing our faces in it.

'True face of the right.' Yeah, whatever. I'm sure he'll be fair and his next project will trash the leftish a-holes steal Communion hosts, crush them and crow about it on their blogs (one sick bastard did this recently), harass pro-life protestors and threaten people who dared contribute money to anti-prop 8 efforts. Oh, how dare someone not agree with us in Berkeley!

And they think some guy that brings an 'Obama with horns' sign or an AR-15 to a tea party is a nut. Plenty of stuff happens on 'their' side that makes those folks look like Mr. Rogers in comparison.

I'm just waiting for 'Baby Eater Pelosi' and 'Barry, the Living Tax Money Wormhole' to come from POOP! Studios next month. At least have the guts to flip 'em off in both directions.

Maybe they're trying to become the Air America/MSNBC of comics.

There's a winning business plan for you...

I'll go with Drizzt on this one. It's almost laughable.

Palin as a vampire? Are we going to have to see something like that Bush vampire/Liberty art, vis-a-vis, Alex Ross?

Lets keep the political commentary out of any discussion about the merits of a comic. When I read a comic I don't care about the left or right wing. After all, we are just talking about comics, not some political oratory.

I wish they'd keep the political commentary out of the comics to begin with. Then there'd be nothing to discuss. These guys seemingly can't restrain themselves though...

I think they're already too late in trying to take advantage of the controversy. These guys must be stuck in the early 1990s, when people actually cared about news items for more than two days.
As for Waid, if my memory is correct, he's the guy who looks like Charlie Brown as an adult. Maybe he's suffered some serious brain damage from Lucy pulling the football away from him one too many times.

Can't we just watch superheroes bust some horrible threat to the earth? Please?

I only wish, Jean...makes no sense in a world full of aliens, parallel dimensions, gods and strange technology, comic writers still feel the need to write about dreary, divisive political stuff. If they wanna be reporters, they can go fill out an application at CNN.

There's a whole universe of cool fantasy material to work with, I wish they'd do so. Gimme back the good ol' days of Days of Future Past, Korvac Saga and the Infinity Gauntlet...

I don't mind politics in comics; the issue is when it goes way too far one way or the other. And lately, it's been WAY to the left. Writers past were much more tactful about it and/or dealt with issues that just about everyone could agree on. I think a good recent example is Millar's RED SON. It leans left, but examines the other side fairly well.

But hey -- if Waid and other bozos want to endanger their own livelihoods because they're being "good 'progressives,'" then by all means, let 'em do so. I haven't bought a [new] comic in just about two years now, and don't plan to in the near future. I got better uses for my cash than to waste it on the current crop of clowns.

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