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Monday, February 15, 2010 

Geoff Johns continues with sledgehammer tactics

Geoff Johns sure doesn't take a rest. In the Atom and Hawkman special that's part of Blackest Night, which he wrote, with Ryan Sook drawing:
He is interrupted by the Black Lantern-ized version of his wife, Jean, who distracts him with taunts and then leaps into Indigo’s ring. Jean seems to have gotten Ray’s size powers from the one use of his belt back in Identity Crisis. Ray chases her and is forced to watch her re-enact the murder of Sue Dibny, and is forced to undergo the vision of his alien love interest, Laethwen and her tribe attacking him. Jean taunts him more about not ever forgetting her. He finally realizes that he needs to move on, his ring shifts green, and he forces her out of Indigo’s ring where all this has been happening. Indigo’s message goes out, and she tells Ray he just helped save the universe. His response is to ask her to help bring his friends back to life, and we get a To Be Continued in Blackest Night 7.
Not only has he kept on with characterizing/depicting Jean in this truly revolting manner that's been going since Identity Crisis, he even does something similar to the Rogue Wars story at the end of his first Flash run: he hammers the readers over the head with what Jean is accused of, just like the assault neo-Zoom pulled on Linda Park West. If there's anything worse than his "continuity porn", there you have it. I really can't care now whether he reverses this whole monstrosity later on, he's already done enough to alienate, including his termination of Josh Jackam in Rogues' Revenge.

Another ludicrous thing he's doing here is a subtle insult to the audience, implying that they need to move on from comics. Well, guess what, Geoff? That's just what people like me have done: we've moved on from your work, if anything. I'm certainly not going to let him off the hook anymore. He has been one of the worst things to happen to DC this decade. I do think a boycott of Johns's work would come in quite useful now.

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