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Saturday, October 25, 2014 

7 Gerry Conway tweets

Here comes the latest of veteran Conway's mostly leftist tweetings:

Only the GOP counts? Not the Democrats? Much too easy, I'm afraid, simply much too easy.

Again, what about the Democrats? Will he elect any whom he should blame? Interestingly though, he does suggest he's disappointed by Obama, but not enough and coming much too late:

He may be admitting he's disappointed with Obama, but after two terms, isn't that a bit late to admit it? And he can't resist positing an anti-conservative bias lambasting Reagan either. Just how was Reagan so bad? How was he any worse than Carter? I don't agree with that at all. Didn't the Berlin Wall begin to fall at the time, ditto the Soviet Union?

Another interesting tweet he posted is this one:

I should hope he realizes how terrible it is that the women converting to Islam and joining ISIS are throwing away their lives for such hell-on-earth. Yes Conway, that's reality for you. There's certain women in the world - even Jewish ones - with very poor self-esteem who tragically developed a mentality leading them to throw their lives away. Colleen LaRose was one of them. The worst part, however, is the women who enforce and inculcate this derangement upon other women living under the caliphate. If Conway doesn't think that's a serious problem, that'll be very terrible.

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352 bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk waiting for a vote they won't get, half passed by unanimous consent, 55 of them introduced by Dems.

Yeah, it's the GOPers who are the obstructionists.

Geez. Some people live deeper in a fantasy world than any character Tolkein ever came up with...

I actually agree with some of Conway's statements. The Democrats wanted (and even expected) another FDR, and instead got another Carter. Both Carter and Obama were sold as messianic saviors, and both turned out to be abject failures.

Most liberals, though, still cling to their mantra that Obama is the smartest person in the world, and they dismiss any criticism of him as racism and/or Republican obstructionism. They have invested so heavily in Obama that it's too late for them to back out.

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