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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 

Why would Archie need to launch a Kickstarter fund?

Archie Comics has made a strange step:
Archie Andrews, arguably the most famous comic book character who isn’t a crime-fighting vigilante, needs some help. After dying last year and continuing to face a horde of zombies, things are getting a little tight for the teens of Riverdale. That’s why the Archie Comics gang has turned to Kickstarter in order to help expand the Archie Universe (the Archie-verse?) and help promote Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ upcoming Archie reboot.
Why? Aren't they making money anymore? Ah, that must answer the question: they're not! As I'd noted before, whatever output they still have barely blips on the sales radar today. And the following could be a leading reason why they've been floundering in recent years:
[...] The third one, though, will focus on the grown-up adventures of Kevin Keller, Archie Comics’ first openly gay character—a relatively recent addition to the universe, especially considering that most of these characters have been around for 75 years.
I wonder if they're planning any more tales of Occupy Riverdale too? Will they ask everybody to fund those as well? All their disrespect for family audiences with steps like these has obviously had some kind of impact on their recent sales, ditto the backstage quarrels at the publisher. Opening up a Kickstarter fundraiser is more like an open signal they're losing money big time, but don't have the brains to understand why.

But, nobody with sense should pay any money for what they're doing now, because it'd be funding a horde of moonbats who let their nutty politics run away with them. Archie's already publishing on borrowed time, and while the current situation is obviously sad, there's no use putting money into the pockets of people who have no more respect for their predecessors than they do for core readers in modern times.

And a reboot? DC and Marvel are already doing more than enough of that. Doing the same with Archie only takes a pointless joke and makes it worse.

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Schmuck bait?

Yeah, okay, but I'm not happy about this, if only because I love their Mega Man series. I really don't want to see it waylaid. Sonic is getting better, too.

But on that, I'm beginning to see why the hate for crossovers, as there is another Mega Man/Sonic one coming up. The first one, I liked but it wasn't as good as it should have been. More importantly, Mega Man has finally finished its NES Mega Man 3 adaptation (after finally approaching issue 50!), and I want to get to 4-6, which are my favorite games of the series. I don't want to deal with another dumbass crossover right now! Just as I didn't want to deal with it, the first time, but I understood why as it was their way to clean house after the Penders lawsuit. Just... gah.

Just more proof that the medium is dying.

It may simply be that comics are obsolete, and are being replaced by other media (e.g., computer games). It's happened before. TV killed dramatic radio, and comic books helped kill off pulp magazines.

If the comics medium can be saved, it will be not be by endless reboots, line-wide crossovers, or gore porn.

Comics routinely sold six figures when they were kid-friendly, were inexpensive, and were unpretentious. Maybe there's a lesson there.

Apparently, Ian Flynn has said outright that the first Sonic/Mega Man x-over is the reason why the Mega Man comic hasn't been cancelled. And very well might be. So, yeah, I have to not recant my previous comment, but I'll be shutting up about my previous complaining.


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