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Tuesday, June 02, 2015 

Marz attacks organizer of anti-Islam rally in Phoenix, and finds a challenger to his views

Ron Marz's latest effort to cast doubt upon any sincerity he supposedly has includes attacks on organizers of a rally against Islamofascism in Arizona. For example, he posted:

Does he also consider the 9-11 Families for a Safe America "idiots"? Point: they could've organized a protest against the Phoenix mosque too, just like they did at Ground Zero nearly 5 years back, and what would he be saying about people whose beloved relatives were lost? And if the Phoenix organizer's family was threatened, how come he doesn't condemn any maniacs who might've threatened the guy?

But soon after Marz wrote those crude little spews, he was challenged by a guy who wonders if he can really discern hypocrisy:

So a man working as a professional writer has a problem with somebody who feels he's making terrible mistakes and wants to argue why? All he's hinting is that he's uncomfy with being challenged. Then, when asked what his opinion is on the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath, his reply was:

Does that happen to include writing about the contents of the Koran? Point: what Marz said above could also apply to people who write about what's wrong with the ideologies. He could easily have said the same about Robert Spencer, Raymond Ibrahim, Diana West, and even all the Jyllands-Posten cartoonists who drew Muhammed cartoons back in 2005. The question is: does Marz want anybody to call a spade a spade, or not?

Surprisingly enough, when the guy tells him he reads some of his work, he acted pretty fairly:

In that case, how come he didn't want to hear any arguments from GamerGate supporters, no matter how liberal or libertarian they are? He bragged some time ago about using the block option against the pro-GG crowd, and again, their politics don't seem to fascinate him. Assuming any GamerGate supporters actually did try speaking to him, because I once tried to find any who did, and didn't succeed. So I don't know what really happened.

He then says:

Does it also include the right to go up to the Temple Mount without being attacked by Islamofascists? Say, does it even include the right to show up at your school without being antagonized by Haredi crackpots? If all he cares about are people protesting Islamofascism, then he's not being very altruistic.

Update: oh, and look at this screenshot I got of Marz's retweet of a certain would-be novelist:
Yup, once again, Marz has signaled his support for Meltzer, directly or indirectly. Some solid stances he has, eh? Very sad.

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Marz is a washed up SJW hatemonger. He clearly needs to do everything he can for attention to help the terrible sales numbers that his books generate.

...what's "9/11 Famillies for a Safe & Strong America" supposed to do again? Is it more along the lines of AA or similar support groups or something to force the government into action?

Thank you for pointing this blog out Ron, he is right you are a crazy SJW.

Wow! Ron is a crazy left-wing nut. Ron goes full hypocrite almost daily.

You clearly get under his skin, it seems he reads your every word. Oh no the left-wing nut group attacks!

I will never read any of the crap he writes, not that I ever did since it sucks.

Mark P.

Marz cries like a baby about buying a calculator for his kids education yet he has time to tweet all day....Grow up SJW baby.

The guy spews hate daily for anything other than left-wing banter.

I'd suggest you get off Facebook, Twitter, and all similar sites: nothing but pointless random facts being bounced off of one person to another, and you're in danger of becoming one of the mindless millions yourself.

I read a comic written by Ron Marz before, it made great TP.

Poor Marz he hates you so much that he follows every word you write and then runs to his twitter support group.

Just think if Ron actually spent time writing for work instead of crying over you he might write something good....but I doubt it.

"I will never read any of the crap he writes, not that I ever did since it sucks."

Agreed that dude sucks

Since crazy boy Ron is crying!


...I think the one who manages the above site is starting to crack up too.

You know, you sound like you don't get enough good literature in your life. Why not try out this book (http://www.amazon.com/dp/1589392361/) by this author (http://shawnsjames.blogspot.com/)?

Or maybe your taste is more sharp and biting on the comedy front (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Hiaasen)?

Hey, Drag...you seem to leave a lot of comments on here leaving us to the conclusion that you aren't a big fan of Avi Green or his website. Why do you keep coming back here if you don't like what he has to say? You know what the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That's what YOU keep doing every time you leave a snarky liberal remark disguised as a thoughtful post. Give it a rest.

It's not that I'm liberal or conservative, it's that this guy is a downer and is always melancholy and gloomy with his posts. At least I'm trying to give different opinions other than the "yes-man" crowd like Killer Moth and TheDrizzle or the mindless and contradictory squawks of the Anonymous bunch.

"It's not that I'm liberal or conservative," Yeah, right. If it quacks like a duck...

"..it's that this guy is a downer and is always melancholy and gloomy with his posts."
Aw, Avi is making you sad and frowny-face with exposing the comics industry for the hypocrites and liars that they are? Maybe you should go to the website with unicorns and rainbows and let them keep lying in your face about their true agendas.

"At least I'm trying to give different opinions other than the "yes-man" crowd like Killer Moth and TheDrizzle or the mindless and contradictory squawks of the Anonymous bunch."
No, your opinions are all the same. Mostly Avi Green-bashing and insulting to the host of this website. If you don't like "the mindless and contradictory squawks of the Anonymous bunch" (that's rich), then start your own website or go somewhere else to commiserate. Your act is getting tiresome.

At least I have a name to my statements and opinions. And if he doesn't like Marvel and DC comics, why doesn't he try other comics instead? I also don't mind a little muckraking on anything from animation to zoology, but can't he think of anything positive to say, even if its past accomplishments only?

I just want to confirm one thing: you aren't Mr. Green, using the old "I'm using another account to go after other people" trick, correct.

Hi my name is James and I was introduced to this blog last night by a friend. As I read it I see several things. First it seems clear that the blog poster and the comic writer do not get along. I find it odd that a professional comic writer can't be professional enough to leave it alone. I looked back and it seems that Ron Marz advertises the blog by complaining about it then turns and plays the victim, a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.
There seems to be multiple people posting as anonymous yet Ron tries to call one person out leading to confusion which anonymous poster?
Drag you and Marz complain about people being anonymous but there is nothing wrong with that. I borrowed this from a great post and modified it a bit. Ron Marz is not owed or entitled to anyone's real name. No one is. He does not get to set the tone or conditions of the argument. We do not conform to his standards, or have to adjust our statements for concern he might be listening in. The internet is not his domain, and it is not by his rules that we have to obey. Everyone has the privilege of being able to express their opinions in an open forum without fear of reprisal.
Ron seems to like to shout and complain on twitter without anyone else sharing an opposing view or else he gets mad. I notice that he went right to blocking anyone with a supportive GG view. I also see that anyone with a different view is responded to with rude comments. It looks like the more he complains the more he increases Avi's audience. For a guy working on a United Nations project he clearly does not know how to unite people. I would love to see Avi and Marz actually have a discussion who knows they may have some common ground.

Ron Marz makes a tweet asking the anonymous person to come over to twitter why, it looks like an attempt to get twitter followers to attack the person. When only a few hours pass without a response Ron makes a rude comment so it does not seem he was being very genuine for a civil discussion. How about this Ron, feel free to come here and we can chat if you like I am pretty sure you are not blocked, Avi please correct me if I am wrong. I don't have a twitter account so I will not be coming over to twitter.

Hi my name is James and I was show this blog and Ron Mars's tweets last night so I went back and looked at some of the past posts and this is what I feel. It seems clear that the blog poster and Ron Marz do not get along but I do not see any issue with that. When one person has a view another person should be able to have an opposing view. If Ron Marz was acting like a professional he would stop advertising the blog instead he advertises the blog and them tries to play victim displaying a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. It seems that Ron wants to have the stage and he can't handle it if someone with a voice does not agree with him. He then really gets upset when multiple people reply to the post and he can't find them to attack them. I think Marz is made because Avi has a voice and he keeps trying to vilify it. In response to Drag and Ron I found and modified this from a great post:

Ron Mars is not owed or entitled to anyone's real name. No one is. He does not get to set the tone or conditions of the argument. We do not conform to his standards, or have to adjust our statements for concern he might be listening in. The internet is not his domain, and it is not by his rules that we have to obey. Everyone has the privilege of being able to express their opinions in an open forum without fear of reprisal. Yes, we run the risk of dealing with someone who disagrees with us. But simple disagreement does not make one a bad person. Yes, we run the risk of dealing with those who take pleasure in spreading misery. But that is kind of a small price to pay to be able to express oneself freely. And just because someone has a different opinion than you, or does not praise your work, does not mean they are a mean, spiteful, hateful, miserly person bent on destroying everything you hold dear. It just means their positions differ from yours. You may come to an accord on other issues. The focus shouldn't be on trying to find out the best way to undermine those that disagree with you, but to find some common ground of appeal.

I also noticed that Ron tried to get an anonymous poster to tweet to him, why? Based on his past tweets I think it is obvious that it was not for a genuine conversation, Ron proved that after just a few hours with a silly response when he did not get a response. If Ron really wanted to chat he could chat here correct me if I am wrong Avi but he is not blocked from here.
Overall everyone should be able to have a voice and I would be happy to discuss this with you here Ron because I do not have a twitter account.

James has many good points. Ron tweets minutes after a blog posts, by his own definition does that not make him a stalker and a tattletale? I think Ron is mad because someone calls him out on his twisted logic and hypocrisy.
Your words don't mean more just because you poorly write low selling comics.

Just because it bugs you I will be anonymous.

So now I have waited a few hours and Ron never responded here does that mean I should post a stupid video about him?
Once again Ron caught being a hypocrite.

You try to post an honest response to what you read and what do you get? Scorn and jeers! Sometimes I think the world runs on very twisted logic...

Drag, To what response are you referring to?

To the replies to my own posts, and to replies that are less than polite in general.

Drag, do you not see that some of your posts are less than polite as well? I think you need to look at what you post more critically before you get shocked with responses that you get. The anonymous posters and others had some very solid points. Agreeing with a person does not make you mindless or a yes man just because you have a different view. Many people tend to gravitate to what they agree with and comment on it.

I wish you well but I think you need to consider the tone you use more and you may get better results. On the bright side you are no where near Marz level.

Thanks for your input, James. I managed to find the first comment you wrote that got stuck in the filter and made sure it now appears on the comment list here. Marz is welcome to post his arguments here anytime, but to date, he hasn't bothered. My guess is that he's just not comfy arguing outside his "safe-space" on Twitter. He's probably never debated why he thinks all his politics and past scriptwriting that relied on shock tactics are justified, and does what he can to avoid engaging in meaty debates. It's also weird how he can't ignore most people who criticize him, and thinks he's helping by pointing to their posts. All Marz is doing is making himself sound like he enjoys attention just so he can gloat.

Does anyone else appreciate the irony that someone complaining about Avi being a downer and too gloomy goes by the name of Drag?

Plus, Drag is clearly no stranger to playing the victime card.

What's wrong with Drag for a handle/name? I don't ask to role play as either victim or culprit, I just post honestly and say what I mean. I'm not looking for the biggest hits or loudest voice here, just saying honest things and expecting honest replies back. I realize that sane and/or mature answers are a rare thing on blogs in general so I'm not expecting those kinds of answers.

...I think the one who manages the above site is starting to crack up too.

That'd be me, Drag. And why would I be "cracking up?" Because I point out that guys like Marz believe that their status as well-known creators somehow makes their opinions "more valid" than us those of us peons?

Around 15 yrs ago Kurt Busiek told me that the best way to fight speech you don't like is with more speech. But since social media has given the average person the means to do just that against the "big guys" like Marz, they don't like it.

That's all I'm doing. And Avi and others, too. I don't always agree w/Avi, or Doug Ernst or whoever, but again, that's what we do. If that's "cracking up," to you, so be it.

You're certainly becoming your namesake, that's for sure.

I post what I say and mean, bluntly and honestly. No hidden agendas are beneath my words, and if I offend somebody inadvertently, than I'm sorry.

That's all fine and good, but if you think I am "cracking up" at least point out why, specifically.

I already made my case. Like it or lump it.

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