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Thursday, May 21, 2015 

2 Spider-Men co-existing alongside each other post-NuSecret Wars

The Venture Capitol Post quoted Brian Bendis talking about Marvel's plans for what a reboot of the MCU will be like for Spider-Man, which appears to be set to use an Ultimate universe derived vision:
So when Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis confirmed that there will be two Spider-Mans when the Secret Wars mini-series ends, it also confirms the speculation that Peter Parker will be resurrected, although there were no details on how. But knowing the Marvel Universe, there are many ways the dead can come back to life. Time-travel is one. And how will they be distinguished from each other? Aside from both co-existing in future comic books, no other details were revealed.

This revelation also confirms talks of big changes, leading to what they refer to now as the New Marvel Universe. The Avengers lineup will change. New characters are also coming, as well as rebooted ones. Whatever changes are in store for the new Marvel, we'll just have to wait and see when Secret Wars releases the last issue of in the mini-series by the end of September this year.
No, we won't have to wait, because there's nothing left to care for. But the above suggests the Peter who's being revived is going to be based on the Ultimate world's version. And if the Ultimate line is what they're going to go by this time, that'll only confirm they've decided to use a vision that was never aimed at younger audiences no matter what was claimed back in 2000. If the Ultimate line is their planned direction now, this'll also tell that they're changing the original path they took with the Ultimate books, not resurrecting a lot of the characters who were killed off in the line over the past decade. But the Ultimate's cast is not what I'm interested in. It's the 616 universe's cast I stand behind. And they're now being dumped into oblivion along with Mary Jane Watson, whom I don't expect the modern staff to respect now or even after their new Secret Wars crossover.

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Wake me up when the real Peter Parker is brought back and not the schmuck that Dan Slott is using.

Not to mention that the Ultimate Universe was a stupid idea in the first place and only amplified the flaws of the EC Comics-happy generation of today.

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