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Saturday, June 20, 2015 

What comics creators are saying about the racist shooting in Charleston, SC

A horrible tragedy took place this week at a black church in Charleston, and some comics writers are exploiting it for more gun control complaints:

Pardon me, Waid, but have you seen this trio from Jindal?

When others apparently pointed that out, all Waid could say was:

It's a shame that Waid's not looking too sharply at what Jindal wrote before Waid had to rear his crazy mind into this subject, and additionally a shame that he still wants to view Jindal as evil simply because he's a conservative.

According to Politico, the pastor whom the NRA member blamed opposed carrying weapons at churches. Judge for yourself, but if Waid's really worried about violent crime, why doesn't he at least recommend calling for churches and other important sites to station guards at their doors? I can't recall ever seeing them making that case.

Next is comics and movie writer Gerry Duggan:

Americans, he says? But isn't he one too? This tweet he posted is little more than blanket smear, all written just for the sake of attacking the NRA. If that's how Duggan feels, maybe he shouldn't work for Marvel, DC, or any other American comics company either. Not even movie studios like Paramount and Universal.

Now, for Patrick Zircher:

That's not true at all. There were times in the past when Israel was victimized by that kind of violence too, by ways of Islamofascists. Ditto France, as seen recently, and Chicago. And the Netherlands. And take a look at the crime rate in Britain. How can even Zircher buy into the notion that other westernized countries don't have crises like these?

The most recent violent attack with guns at a synagogue in Israel took place in the Har Nof neighborhood last year, where 5 people were murdered, including a Druze Arab policeman. By any chance, did Zircher worry about or care when that awful incident occurred? It's very ill-advised to think only the USA could have this kind of terrible crisis.

If Democrats pocket NRA money, does that worry Patrick?

Then is it false to say Democrats were the party who approved of slavery in the 19th century, and Abe Lincoln, a Republican/conservative president, was the one who got slavery abolished?

At least he got that right.

Does that include Islamofacists? They're the ones behind much of the slavemongering today in north Africa.

If he's advocating gun control, here's where he stumbles. If SC has a gun control policy in place, it means that even blacks could find it difficult to defend themselves against violent perpetrators.

Why can't Zircher see conservatives as people, or admit that liberals aren't saints? Say, does he also recognize apostates from Islam as people? Then, he replies to a nutty editor at DC by saying:

Oh yeah, Fox is guilty, but a left-wing channel isn't?

To suggest that knifing can't result in massive deaths is ludicrous. Look what happened in China last year, when jihadists with machetes murdered at least 27 people and injured 109 others. It could even happen elsewhere in the world if nobody's worried.

But it does enable criminals and terrorists to get their stashes on the black market. By the way, how come he never seems worried about blacks who were targeted by other blacks? Why does it only matter when a white is the perpetrator?

If he values human life, then I hope he values apostates from Islam, for example.

What does Obama have to do with this? How can Zircher even be sure he's trustworthy? Speaking of which, has he read the news that Obama's backtracked on gun control?

Now for G. Willow Wilson:

Does that include racism in Muslim regimes?

And now for Ron Marz:

Marz himself is so utterly predictable. A guy argues that a ban on guns at religious houses keeps people from having a chance of defending themselves, so he just calls him a "nut"? All he's done is suggest he's against blacks owning guns for self-defense any more than anybody else worried about street crime.

So is Marz with his own heavy emphasis on gun control policies. Has he ever complained about bad education and other such problems? If not, then men like Marz are the problem.

Now here's one from Gail Simone:

Taking it from a junkpile like the Wash. Post, is she? For heaven's sake, that paper went out of style long ago. A better subject would be whether anybody spots a lack of good education around them.

Now for Gerry Conway:

What's shocking is if liberals like Conway won't complain about poor education and counseling that could prevent violent crimes like these from happening. Ditto if and how self-defense should be managed in order to stop maniacs from getting their way.

What's really disappointing, but not very surprising, about many of these writers and artists is how they only care about issues of gun violence from a selective position. That won't solve any of the problems we face in this world.

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In an era where stupidity and laziness are at the forefront of human society, you're bound to get "hot-air" statements like that. Sure they mind be just one or two little posts, but gather up enough of them and a disturbing pattern about lack of common sense develops.

As for the bit where the news stations choose which killings go on the air, apparently they don't care if it's white killing white or Asian killing Asian, but if its black killing white or Chinese killing British then they report away!

Friday, Salon.com tweeted, "White America must answer for the Charleston church massacre." In April 2013, they tweeted, "Muslims don't need to apologize for the Tsarnaevs." Typical PC hypocritical double standard.

And the Charleston rampage is "terrorism," but the Fort Hood hospital shooting spree was just "workplace violence."

Obama and his cheerleaders (aka "the news media") are jumping for joy over the horrific tragedy in Charleston. They can exploit it to further their agenda.

Maybe Obama doesn't consider Norway, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom to be "advanced countries."

I'm certain that bloated Gail Simone sees no racism around her -- she lives in an area populated almost exclusively by those of pallid hue.

Any conservative tweets in the house?



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