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Thursday, June 11, 2015 

Reaxxion recommends Thunderbolts. But will Kurt Busiek thank them?

Reaxxion's recommended reading Busiek's run on Thunderbolts, starting with the first dozen issues:
This book not only had a fantastic premise, but an amazing creative team. Writer Kurt Busiek is one of the best writers in the superhero genre, and team books have always been when he really shinned. And I can’t even begin to sing the praises of artist Mark Bagely enough. If you told me to close my eyes and picture Spiderman, a Mark Bagely drawing is probably the first thing that would come to mind.
Yes, they're right, Thunderbolts' theme of seeking redemption worked pretty well, and Busiek's work on at least 30 issues is worth reading, along with most of his Avengers run from 1998-2002, the last time the Avengers was ever worth reading.

But the question is, will Busiek thank them for recommending his run? So far, I'd spotted him retweeting an IGN writer's tweet and a magazine writer who recommended the series too, but I haven't noticed him doing the same on his Twitter account with Reaxxion's own tweet, and it's probably not because they misspelled artist Bagley's name that he hasn't. Rather, it could be he wants nothing to do with them because they support the Gamergate campaign. Despite how many liberals and libertarians support GG, he despises it, even though some of the comics he wrote in the past had elements that the anti-GG crowd might despise. If he deliberately avoided Reaxxion's review just because of their politics, that's too bad. If he really wants everybody to have a chance to read his own run on Thunderbolts, he shouldn't be letting ideology get in the way, yet in certain situations, he has. His leftist side, alas, has gotten the better of him in cases where it'd be better to put them aside and show appreciation, even when he doesn't agree.

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Thanks to the one-second reply culture that was created by sites like Twitter and Facebook, any past series made by a creator is no longer in even the back of their mind, leading to casual dismissal at the best, and outright hostility at the worst.

It's just presentism in action, as anything pre-2000 doesn't count as it could be racist, sexist and the rest and we can ignore it. This is the logic of the SJW mind-set.

Busiek's T-Bolts run is a personal favorite, especially as he made Baron Zemo the A-Lister he was meant to be. However, Busiek had his problems, too (giving up the conceit or Zemo revealing their true forms within the first year, should have stretched out a bit longer, IMO). Then there was the unnecessary side-trip to Kosmos and some of the weaker villains sprinkled here and there (Hulk-robot, Secret Empire). By the time, he regained footing with Hawkeye leading the team, he left. But Busiek did come back here and there, but the original magic of the first year was gone, I thought. Back when everything was shiny and new and the potential was so impressive. Oh, well. Recent versions I find unimpressive, and leave it at that.

Oh man I can't believe I screwed up on Bagley's name like that. How embarrassing. It will be fixed tonight. Glad you enjoyed the article.


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