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Saturday, June 06, 2015 

Two new Wolverines?

It's becoming clear that the MCU that'll be set up after the new Secret Wars relies on PC diversity, such as a female take on Wolverine:
...Laura Kinney aka X-23 is the new Wolverine, which makes a certain degree of sense given that she's his genetic clone and has been a big player in the current Wolverines series. There's another Wolverine, but that grizzled, white-haired one is Old Man Logan from an alternate universe where he's the last hero in a United States ruled by super-villains. There's currently a Secret Wars series about Old Man Logan, so it looks like he might survive Secret Wars and become a part of the main Marvel Universe. Two Wolverines -- why not?

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso teased a new Wolverine to us yesterday, but he also teased a new Hulk that isn't Bruce Banner. No sign of him.

Another shocker is the Thing wearing a new uniform sporting a Guardians of the Galaxy insignia. Star-Lord is curiously missing his insignia -- could Thing be his replacement? Even though the Fantastic Four comic is cancelled, it looks like Marvel's First Family will still be around. And that person on fire isn't the Human Torch -- it's Inferno, an Inhuman. The hooded man is recently-resurrected Inhuman Karnak and the redhead is Inhuman Queen Medusa. [...]
It's beginning to sound a bit like DC's changing Cyborg into a JLA member instead of a Teen Titan too. It sounds like quite a few established heroes could face being jettisoned for the sake of both forced diversity and a weird shakeup that puts some of them in different roles. One of the commenters on IGN said:
A lot of the creative 'new direction' for Marvel stems from trying to undercut Sony Pictures efforts to use the film rights for Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and X-Men. It's really painful to watch. The other half of the new creative direction is to try to diversify Marvel characters with more ethnic, female, or LGBT characters, mostly through re-writing old characters, (like Iceman from the X-Men) to be suddenly gay, or by replacing an established character, (like Thor) with Jane Foster, (Female Thor).

I don't know how it's affected the comic sales, but the money that rolls in from using the traditional versions of these characters on film or on Netflix, (Daredevil) I think proves that the original versions of these characters, when done well, have tons of mass market appeal. So I chalk up all the latest comic hijinks as a way to: A) Sell more comic books by getting more free media attention by 'changing' the status quo regarding ethnic, female, and LGBT characters, and B) trying to sabotage Sony's efforts in their film franchises by featuring Miles Morales over Peter Parker, canceling Fantastic Four, and replacing Wolverine in the comics, (since Hugh Jackman has been the staple of the X-Men movie franchise as Wolverine for over a decade now.)
Again, if they're really trying to scuttle Sony/Fox's productions, that only makes them look bad. And if the traditional versions of the heroes and co-stars are what really sell, then it makes no sense how they're replacing the originals back in the comics with all these changes.

They've also published a ridiculous meta-commentary reminiscent of the Octopus-as-Spidey mess where Mystique tries to resurrect Destiny with a magic crystal, but after discovering it was really to revive Logan, she destroys the crystal to keep Wolverine from coming back. But all the editors have done aside from using a villainess as a Mary Sue is hint how much they must dislike Logan...and the entire franchise they don't deserve to be in charge of.

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Isn't it Marvel's fault for giving other companies the right to produce movies based on their characters?

As much as was Ron Perelman's for knocking the dominoes over beginning with buying them in the first place

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