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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 

It's just like Marvel to offer line-wide crossover tie-ins for FCBD

Arcamax published a fluff-coated piece about what's being offered for Free Comic Book Day (and it's worth noting that for over a decade since this idea was launched, many free specials have been mostly worthless), and look how Marvel chose to commemorate it:
Marvel Comics, the largest comics publisher in North America, reports that retailers have ordered nearly a million copies of their two Free Comic Book Day editions -- which is a good thing, as both are integral to Marvel's major upcoming storylines.

"Civil War II" #1 kicks off Marvel's second Civil War storyline -- not the one in the May 6 "Captain America" movie, but one setting Iron Man and his supporters against Captain Marvel and her allies for reasons we have yet to learn. Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Jim Cheung provide what Marvel describes as a "snapshot of the conflict" that will rage in many Marvel titles later this year. In a backup story, writer Mark Waid and artist Alan Davis introduce a new version of Ant-Man's erstwhile partner, The Wasp. As of this writing, Marvel hasn't revealed who it will be, or even if she will be friend or foe.
But it's not hard to guess a new Wasp could turn out to be "diversified", because that's all that matters to them, not story quality. And it's not hard to guess the sequel to their insulting 2006 crossover will be as politicized in some way or other as the first one was.

And just look how they tout Bendis as a "superstar", even though his books were far from selling in millions, and their sales numbers stagnated over the past decade. Nor has Waid been anything to write home about in a while. To make matters worse, there's another writer on board who's awful:
"Captain America" #1 re-introduces Steve Rogers as the Star-Spangled Sentinel. Yes, Cap's always been Rogers in the movies, but a recent storyline in the comics had Sam Wilson, the Falcon, take his place (and his shield). A new series, "Captain America: Steve Rogers," is to launch May 25, while the title "Captain America: Sam Wilson" will continue. The backup feature is "Dead No More," by writer Dan Slott and artist Jesus Saiz, which sets the stage for an upcoming Spider-Man storyline about his many dead friends and family with the cryptic line, "If you got the chance to bring someone back, would you?"
I wouldn't be shocked if this was intended to discourage anybody who found a particular character death in the past badly written from advocating a reversal for the right reasons. (Jean deWolff's, perhaps?) All the news I've heard about this particular item so far suggest it's about resurrection of characters like Uncle Ben Parker. But no matter who appears, Slott's name alone is reason enough not to bother. Come to think of it, even Joe Quesada and Axel Alonso's involvement is too.

And nobody should bother about a crossover that's only intended to milk dozens of dollars with a story that won't hold up for more than 15 minutes, coming from one of two publishers who became closed shops for exclusive cliques in recent times.

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I suppose that in this case, you might save your money on whether or not you want to buy the issues that have price tags attached to them by what's being offered on FCBD...

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