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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 

Dan Slott's attacks on Donald Trump

Let's see what the awful Marvel scripter has to say about presidential candidate Trump, whom he doesn't like. For example:

Thanks for obscuring victims of violence by "immigrants" to non-entities, Slott. So, do the feelings of a 5-year-old girl who'd been raped by Syrian/Somali boys in Twin Falls, Idaho not matter? The city councilman who insulted the girl's family apologized. Perhaps Slott should do the same for ignoring the plight of rape victims attacked by pseudo-migrants?

And Slott has awful morale when it comes to serious issues.

But Hillary Clinton never lied about the emails and Benghazi, did she?

But Clinton's foundation never misused any of their slush funds, eh?

He'll probably be less grateful to the NY Post after he realizes they reported on the Clinton slush funds. On which note they never spent much of it on charity funding. Less than 6 percent.

Man, Slott sure is pretty cheap in his rants against Trump.

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A very high percentage of the "refugees" who are "fleeing oppression" are able-bodied young men. Meanwhile, Kurdish and Christian women in the Middle East are standing their ground, serving in militias and fighting ISIS.

And what "oppression"? ISIS, which Obama has repeatedly claimed was "on the run" and "contained"?

And Obama and Clinton want to increase Muslim immigration, but they also turn away Christian, Jewish, and Yazidi refugees.

But anyone who advocates common sense, reasonable immigration reform is labeled a "racist."

Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt persons ever to run for president. She bungled Benghazi, allowed four Americans to get killed, then lied about it under oath, then falsely accused the victims' families of lying about it. She mishandled classified information. She and Bill took a tax deduction for charitable donations, over 90% of which went to their slush fund.

The only reason she is not in prison is that the Republicans are as cowardly and incompetent as the Democrats are evil.

Trump did not invent the "pieces of candy" analogy. Feminists have used it as a meme in tweets: "Maybe not all men are rapists, but if you have a bowl of M&M's, and some of them are poisoned, would you eat from that bowl?"

Leftists post blog comments, tweets, and YouTube videos, saying that all white people are racist, all men are rapists, all heterosexuals are homophobic and transphobic. But if you suggest that some (repeat: some) Muslims might be terrorists, then you are a xenophobic, Islamophobic bigot.

After every terrorist attack, SJW's exploit the tragedy to push for more anti-gun laws. After San Bernardino, the Obama administration called for a ban on the sale of guns to people on the No-Fly List. But the killers in that case were never on the No-Fly List, or any other anti-terrorism watch list. (Not surprising, really, since Obama had ordered the FBI and Department of Homeland Security not to spy on Muslims.) In Orlando, the killer had regularly attended a mosque that was suspected of terrorist ties, but the State Department (under Hillary Clinton) had obstructed the FBI and DHS from investigating it.

So, more gun laws would not have prevented the tragedies. Reasonable, common sense immigration reform (requiring background checks and waiting periods for immigrants), and improved surveillance of people who share the same ideology as ISIS, would have.

So either Trump or Clinton is going to be the next president? ...any chance for a viable 3rd party candidate at this point in time?

And as to the above commenter, I would advise the government checking out ALL known religious and political places that are suspected to be tied to terrorist beliefs, after all, ISIL may be the biggest danger tied to terrorism, but I doubt its the only one.

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