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Thursday, April 27, 2017 

So, what was Marc Guggenheim saying about moving away from politics, again?

Guggenheim, writer of X-Men: Gold, claimed earlier that the X-Men would be moving away from an overflow of politics. But the following news about the second issue, along with the following panel, coming soon after controversy artist Ardian Syaf caused with his koranic stealth messages in the premiere, leaves good reason to wonder if Guggenheim's little more than a laughable liar:
Another left-wing metaphor for right-wing politicians who want to do nothing else but declare even the most American-born mutants like Cyclops "foreigners" and deport them no matter what their own politics, ideologies and educational background. And a TV channel that's bound to be a metaphor for Fox. Just what the world needs.

To make matters worse, Comicsverse is fawning over this new mess:
X-MEN GOLD #2 shamelessly dives into the current political climate and, rightfully, makes no apologies for it. The irony of Ardian Syaf’s hidden political messages is not lost on anyone. It becomes even more ironic after reading X-MEN GOLD #2. The issue deals with the deportation of mutants, an entire race (or species in this case) blamed for the crimes of the few, and violent voices calling for heinous actions which won’t solve the problem at hand. The X-Men metaphor has almost never been as relevant as it is now.

X-MEN GOLD #2 makes powerful political statements that decisively embrace tolerance, diversity, and acceptance. In the last issue, I deduced X-MEN GOLD alluded to a political commentary on the Trump Administration. Allusion became reality in issue #2. While the issue does feature the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants reborn, the X-Men’s real enemy is far less tangible. While the X-Men battle against the newly reformed Brotherhood, intolerance, the real enemy, surrounds them in a political climate full of fake news and dangerous rhetoric. Rhetoric as dangerous as this in the X-Men Universe has only one goal — to rid the world of mutants. Only this time, politics eclipses what used to be open bigotry.
If it's shameless, I don't see how there could be anything "rightful" about it. Plus, didn't the senator Robert Kelly once embody a political adversary for mutants in the early 1980s? Predictably, they won't stress complaints about liberal hostility to conservatives in the stories and whether they're valid. Instead, they basically admit they're throughly okay with that, and see nothing wrong with attacking the Trump administration, designating them as bad on the basis of being right-wing.

It sure doesn't look like there's anything to miss in this new spinoff series, written by an openly leftist writer who even made a gross joke about Mary Jane Watson, and wouldn't admit the X-Men went downhill in the years after Chris Claremont left in early 1992. If he hasn't avoided making subtle attacks on rightists, then how can we believe there won't be more to come in future issues?

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Just shows that, indeed, SJWs always lie. From the book of the same name. Of course, Disney, the company that allows ESPN to go political and take the huge drop in revenue associated with it, could stop this instantly. Or more generally from an Iowahawk tweet,

1. Identify a respected institution. (Disney, ESPN, Marvel)
2. kill it.
3. gut it.
4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

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