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Friday, July 14, 2017 

Jane Foster's curtain call?

When Marvel brought up the Legacy crossover a few months ago, it was claimed there wouldn't be any reliance on deaths, or at least not shock tactics. But with this new information, I'd say they're running the risk of contradicting themselves, which is no longer a surprise:
Marvel Legacy is bringing with it a myriad of changes, but could it also spell the end for Thor?

That's the question on everyone's mind at the moment, especially after Marvel released a Legacy cover with Jane Foster's Mighty Thor draped across the Grim Reaper. The cover is an homage to The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, and Nerdist asked Thor writer Jason Aaron what it means for Jane Foster.

“That’s obviously a powerful book and a huge part of Marvel history, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait to see whether or not our story shares anything with that one,” said Aaron. “I will just say that I’ve always been telling a very specific story with Jane, and I’ve known for a while where that was headed.”
Sure he knew where they're headed, and that's downwards. Notice how this article makes it sound like Jane was Thor for a long time, and doesn't make a clear distinction between Jane and the real, male Thor? The way they set these things up, that's why it no longer has any convincing impact.
Jane has been dealing with cancer in her human form and has even debated becoming Thor full-time to prolong her lifespan. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, as she was last seen in Secret Empire before fading out of existence, leaving Mjolnir behind for Captain America to wield (long story).
So she's been theoretically stuck in limbo for the past few months? Interesting how all that fuss made by the ultra-leftist press over a female Thor seems to have vanished of recent, proving they never cared in the first place. They were only interested in villifying the core superhero audience.

Since we're on the topic, Jason Aaron and company recently had another insult to the intellect concocted: they've "revealed" that Thor cheated on Jane:
But in today’s Mighty Thor, as Thor Odinson learns a secret, and we all learn exactly who the new War Thor is (the cover may help), we learn that he as also keeping something from us. That Thor cheated.
With who? The Enchantress? Yawn. It's long been established in the Silver Age that Enchantress was putting the moves on Thor in his Don Blake guise, not the other way around, and he wasn't trying to cheat on Jane at all. I guess Aaron's saying Thor's love for Sif was inherently wrong too?
Because while he and Jane Foster was an item, sticking his hammer where it didn’t belong. “Dalliances” as he puts it. Plural. I mean, okay, he’s a Norse God, there are different rules, but given how people have turned on Marvel for Captain America being revealed to be a sleeper Hydra agent, and while they may have tolerance for Hercules putting it around on anyone that moves regardless of gender, Thor doing it Norse fashion may be more than Avengers fans can take.
And that's why we who think hard stopped taking it long ago. And also why we don't approve of the latest "attempt" to impress upon the audience with the reveal that Volstagg the Enormous is going to be yet another Thor. Yup, instead of just giving Volstagg his own solo miniseries like Hercules once got in the early 80s, they waste everyone's time with this latest desperate search for headlines.

Some "legacy" this is turning out to be!

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Jane Foster was never Thor. Thor is Thor. This was just more Marvel diversity stupidity, soon to be forgotten.

Don Blake was Thor. Then in an alternate reality Jane Foster picked up the hammer and became Thordis. Then Beta Ray Bill picked up the hammer. And Don Blake was dissolved by Odin. Then Eric Masterson was Thor. Then Don Blake re-existed and became Thor again. Meanwhile, a frog picked up a sliver of the hammer and became a different Thor who joined Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers. There were a few of them before Jane Foster became the current Thor!

The reason that no-one has made a fuss about Jane Foster being in limbo was that she has been carrying on in her own title as always. It is only in the Secret Empire cross-over that she has been transported to another dimension.

Any popular super-hero has spin-offs, in the form of a junior version, a female version, an ethnic version, an evil version villain who has a parallel origin, and an animal version. This goes back to Fawcett's Captain Marvel, who had Captain Marvel Jr, Mary Marvel, Black Adam and Ibac, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Mary did double duty as the ethnic version, as she was adopted by a Jewish family as a baby.

One of the best ways to launch the spin-off is to have them take over the main character's title for a few months or years. Steel took over while Superman was dead and got his own title when Clark came back, Rhodey became Iron Man while Tony was on a bender and then got his own title as War Machine, Ben Reilly was Spider-Man before getting his own title, Batwoman took over Detective Comics for a while, ad infinitum. You bring back the original after the spin-off has built up enough of a following to helm their own title. It is done to protect copyright as well as to milk the property; without a Spider-Woman, some other company will produce a character who has that name.

The way to really stir up excitement is for the publishing company to make up a gammergate-type sock puppet to get on the internet and stir up a fuss about how the new spin-off marks the end of Western civilization. It stirs up controversy and gets publicity. And the fans fall for it ever time.

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