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Thursday, September 28, 2017 

Dan Slott retweets Brad Meltzer's support for kneeling against the US national anthem

Here's a screencap of a very troubling position two horrible writers have taken, one by saying so and the other by retweeting, of a politicized stance at least a few football teams in the US took to spite the national anthem, not to mention spite Donald Trump for protesting:
Let's see, we have Slott basically indicating his acceptance of a novelist who penned a nasty insult to the fairer sex in a DC comics miniseries in 2004, and we have Meltzer himself implying that Trump is a "divider" but not any football/sports player who refused to stand for the anthem. The Old Glory flag doesn't have as much to do with this as the anthem, yet Meltzer, in pure leftist fashion, distorts everything. Tsk tsk. Not very reponsible, I'm afraid. (On a related note, the actor who played Black Panther in the Marvel movies also set a poor example by giving the NFL players participating in the protests his backing.) And if Slott could inject such contempt for Mary Jane Watson into his Spider-Man scripts, then it's not so shocking he could side with somebody whose own taste is just as poor.

At least one person got mad at Meltzer, and here's some of the exchange:

Oh, now he's trying to say it's not about the flag? Well how come he doesn't admit it was in poor taste not to stand for the anthem and be so deliberately political? Not to mention his blatant nerve to indirectly attack Trump for complaining about the politicization of sports and contempt for the public paying to see many of these sport games. The other guy's not being naive so much as Meltzer's acting oblivious to the challenging issues at hand.

Suuuurrrre he's standing with vets. If he were, then he'd admit the football players' act was insulting to their intellects as much as to everybody else. And Brian Mast is one veteran of the army who served in Afghanistan who was offended at how quite a few football players were making such a big deal out of it. The Dallas Morning News says that even African-American vets were galled at the blatant display.

If they want to protest, they can do it after the game is over, not while it's in session. Shame on Meltzer for distorting the whole matter. And why is he using a picture of MLK? Far as I know, the famous civil rights advocate never called for such idiocy, and obviously isn't doing that in the picture Meltzer used. The subject came up in the following:

What is this, is he implying the guy making his point is a rich snob?!? Man, that's some really disrespectful snark right there. Meltzer should look at himself in the mirror when he says that.


Oh, is that so? We know he's cynical, and is this supposed to be his way of fortifying his arguments? It's little more than a cure for insomnia.

Then ask your fellow leftists and socialists to stop being so divisive. If you think Trump's approach to condemning football players who won't honor the anthem went a bit far, just say so, but don't go miles out of your way to condone a "protest" at the expense of the sports-loving public. Some Pittsburgh Steelers fans have already decided to boycott their merchandise after a number of their players acted so idiotically. The Denver Broncos also made fans angry for associating themselves with the nonsense. Thankfully, the Women's Legends Football League didn't succumb to such a poor display of contempt, and they stood for the anthem. Yet Meltzer obviously doesn't think the football players are being divisive, does he? Nor does Slott, I guess. All they think is that conservatives like Trump are, and never leftists. Slott also had at least one tweet of his own earlier:

So it's perfectly fine to do such dumb stunts on sport company's time? Tsk tsk. All people want is to watch the ball games, and not have to see players taking a stance that de facto declares the USA an irredeemable abomination.

We certainly more about these disrespectful comics and book writers all the time. Today, we've learned that both Slott and Meltzer sure don't put a lot of respect into what the public and army vets think.

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The First Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which is a set of restrictions on the government. You cannot be arrested or prosecuted for peacefully protesting. But private employers have a right to fire employees. Free Speech does not protect people from all possible consequences.

Correct. Case in point, fast food employees refusing to serve police officers in uniform in "protest." In every instance I've read, said employee has been fired as it should be. You can protest the cops all you like on your own time, but not on your employer's time.

I've seen this meme go around with Dr. King. He was kneeling IN PRAYER. You know, like what Tim Tebow would do but no one defended his right to do so, including the NFL.

No one argues that these players don't have the legal right. As Mark Steyn wrote, you can yell the f word at a relative's funeral too if you want...but that doesn't mean that you should. Leftists value THEIR right to disrupt and show disrespect above everything else. It always boil down to me, me, me and my self-expression. These stupid men have no clue what they are even protesting. It's like that line from "Rebel Without A Cause," "Whaddya got?"

I absolutely support your right to disagree. I do not support anyone who stands against someone’s right to protest peacefully.

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