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Saturday, October 07, 2017 

Slott and Larsen exploit tragedy in Las Vegas for more gun control comments

What happened this week with the bloodbath at a concert in Las Vegas was absolutely horrible. And Dan Slott's not making things any better by tweeting about gun control:

But not common sense education and weeding out black marketeers? Utterly lazy to say. Has he condemned Stephen Paddock for his possible connections with ISIS, which rarely claims responsibility for violence that wasn't committed by their minions? Paddock is also suspected of involvement in terror financing, and even filmed an ISIS video. And all Slott worries about, again, is gun control, not bringing down the evil ideologies and organizations influencing evil in the world.

And Slott's not the only one I found this past week who brought his leftism to the fore. There's also Erik Larsen, who wrote the following:

Maybe, but how come you're not of the opinion that hotels have to conduct security searches of vacationers' luggage to see what's inside? I miss the part where he brings that up.

Umm, care to present some proof of that, please? Anybody who did something that abominable could face federal prosecution. Why resort to the crazy-gun-owners cliche? It doesn't help to paint all with the same brush either.

And since we're talking about Larsen, I was also disturbed to discover he retweeted a promo for a certain other lefty's books:
Man...there's another phony who's not making things any better by supporting the work of Brad Meltzer, who penned the Identity Crisis miniseries that's degrading and offensive to the fairer sex. If Larsen really supports Meltzer as much as the above suggests, his arguments about SJW pandering will really ring hollow.

Now, getting back to the main subject at hand, here's an artist/publisher who's set a much better example, Marc Silvestri:

Unlike Slott and Larsen, he keeps it short, avoids commenting on politicized issues and focuses on those who matter - the concert attendants who fell victim to the savage Paddock. If most leftists followed Silvestri's example, they'd be a lot less divisive than they've already proven to be.

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The Las Vegas tragedy was not the worst mass murder in US history. There was the 1890s Wounded Knee massacre, and the early 1990s Waco massacre, both committed by government troops.

Which is why a lot of Americans are resistant to the idea of allowing the government to have a monopoly on the possession of weapons.

As for mass murder by civilians, the Oklahoma City bombing (168 victims) used fertilizer and fuel oil. The Happy Land Social Club fire in New York (over 80 victims killed) was a case of arson, but no one suggested banning matches.

And no one proposed banning aircraft after 9-11.

The terrorist attack in Nice (80+ victims) used a truck. And the Bataclan massacre involved fully automatic weapons, which were already either illegal or very strictly regulated.

Just another example of Beta Male inadequacies, both for the shooter and for any commenters on the event.

The source you give for your comment that the shooter was linked with ISIS is a report from a marginal news site about a few alleged tweets from a minor employee at the White House in an unofficial capacity.
This administration is focused on Muslim terrorists and trivializes terrorism from domestic neo-nazi and other extremists, cutting funding for the agencies that keep track of them. Trump came to political prominence touting a story about Obama being foreign born, only to then deny it and say it was Clinton who had started the rumor; he is not shy about running with an allegation on the basis of parallel universe facts, and he has never shown any proclivity for keeping top secret information confidential. If there was even a shred of evidence of the Las Vegas shooter being tied in with ISIS, Donald would Trumpet it from the rooftops.

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