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Friday, November 02, 2018 

Geoff Johns cannot be trusted with Shazam

The same overrated writer who made a mess of Fawcett's Captain Marvel several years ago during the New 52 farce is now being given the reins over Billy Batson yet again, gushing about the "fun side of magic", when his common approach is anything but. This is the giveaway it's bound to be contradictory:
Johns assures that despite all this talk of the light side of magic, there will be stakes and threats coming from the underbelly of the magical world that Billy and his family will have to face. Two threats in particular are the villainous duo of this new story. The first is Doctor Sivana, who readers already met in the Johns’ previous Shazam! tale with artist Gary Frank that concluded in 2013. He’s a man who sought out the magic of Shazam to cure ailments that science could not, and after a failed alliance with Black Adam, we saw him wandering inside the Rock of Eternity where he stumbled across a bottle containing a talking caterpillar-like creature that introduced himself as Mister Mind. Now, five years after that cliffhanger, everyone will finally see what happens next.

“Mister Mind’s aspirations are incredibly big, and just because he’s a small size, he might be funny to us and he might be underestimated by everybody around him, but his point of view is a pretty valid point of view. Size doesn’t matter, he could say the same thing to Shazam when they enter the Land of Giants, ‘Well, you’re tiny to them. You think they’re a threat?’ But I don’t think Mister Mind is so obsessed with him being a small worm. I think Mister Mind, because he’s a magical creature, he’s got more power. And more importantly, he’s got a lot of ambition. He’s very humorous in a lot of ways, but he’s also very threatening,” Johns explained.
I'm sure I won't want to know in just what way, recalling this was the same writer who stuffed a serial killer called Murmur into the pages of the Flash, and had some very ugly visions he employed in Green Lantern to boot (and wasn't he the co-writer of Countdown to Infinite Crisis?). The talk of a valid POV coming from Mr. Mind is fishy too. Based on Johns' track record, why should we believe whatever sense of humor seen here works? Whatever I foolishly read from Johns in the past, the attempts at humor fell flat in practically everything. Yet he's once again given the assignment of writing a character he didn't develop successfully the first time around, and we're supposed to trust him any more than the phonies Marvel insists on keeping around? I think not, and no one who's a fan of the first Capt. Marvel should let Johns pull the wool over their eyes.

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Sounds like Mr. Mind could be THE hot new character find of 2019!

That would be quite an achievement, considering that the world's wickedest worm was already the hot new character fined of 1943!

They don't write them like they used to.

I know. Someone should tell Geoff Johns though, sounds like he thinks he's onto something fresh here.

And he seemed like a nice up and coming guy too. Where did this cynical outlook and fetish for blood and gore come from?

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