Sunday, May 19, 2024 

Former X-Men 97 producer confirms he deliberately wrote Morph confessing feelings for Wolverine

As seen in the following X post: Well in that case, if Beau deMayo's mostly out of the writing/producing business, he's no loss to an already wilting industry. Exploiting other people's creations to suit his agendas is plain reprehensible and inappropriate. And he even had the gall to water down Rogue's hot looks, and force his ideology at the women's expense? For shame. deMayo doesn't deserve to write products based on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's creations.

Besides the troubling data above, I also discovered deMayo reposted the following message seen in the screencap:
What disturbs me here is that deMayo communicated with somebody who put a PLO flag on his profile, something that, particularly since October 7, 2023, has come to be seen as a most anti-Israel, anti-semitic symbol. So to find somebody like deMayo, a LGBT activist, maintaining any kind of contact with somebody who could be anti-semitic, speaks volumes. There's people who've already asked why LGBT activists have no issue with Islam's hostility to their belief system, in contrast to what they think of Judeo-Christianity, and deMayo's decidedly only provided another clue to this hypocrisy. For the record, I once noticed a video game designer from Bandai-Namco responding directly to a poster with a PLO flag, and that didn't make me feel comfortable either.

So, it's shameful somebody who could harbor negative beliefs about Israel would have anything to do with a comic adaptation that included metaphors for Israel's descendants. deMayo has no business working on Jewish-created products, and should not be welcome to script any more.

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Saturday, May 18, 2024 

A planned Marvel TV show based on a Dan Slott creation was cancelled

The Hollywood Reporter says a TV series based on Silk, one of the far-left writer Dan Slott's writings based on Spider-Man, has been cancelled before it even began:
Amazon’s Marvel drama Silk: Spider Society — from producers Sony Pictures Television — is no longer moving forward at the streamer. Sources say Sony TV, which owns rights to a fraction of the Marvel universe that features more than 900 characters, plans to shop the drama series from former Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang. Kang, who departed her pact with AMC for what sources say is an eight-figure deal with Amazon, remains housed at the streamer and will continue to develop projects for the company.

Reps for Amazon and Sony declined to comment.

The decision to scrap Silk comes a mere two days after Amazon, during its first in-person pitch to Madison Avenue ad buyers, announced a Sony-produced Marvel series Noir, starring Nicolas Cage.

Noir, like Silk, is poised to launch first on Amazon’s linear network, MGM+, before debuting on the streamer. Both shows are exec produced by Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Amy Pascal (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and conceived as part of a larger suite of live-action shows based on the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters. [...]

Silk was based on characters created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. The series was inspired by the Marvel comics and follows Cindy Moon, a Korean-American woman bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, as she escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family on her way to becoming the superhero known as Silk. The show was to be one of the first to feature a Korean-American superhero at its center.
Honestly, it'd be better if they dropped Noir as well, because this is becoming laughable already. And what's this, the star character Silk was stung by the same individual arachnid that stung Peter? Gee, they sure didn't do much to make the premise stand on its own, any more than J. Michael Straczynski did to respect Spidey's origins. It looks like quite a few Marvel TV projects are being dropped, and if these are the kind of "wellsprings" they're drawing from, so be it. Besides, spotlighting a character based on racial background alone does not a talented product make, and it's unlikely we'll ever see a project emphasizing a native of Korea itself, let alone a Bulgarian-American. It's also unlikely we'll even see much focus on native cultures, if at all. That's the problem with most of these modern diversity-pandering projects; they're so superficial in their emphasis, and likely don't even have the characters using foreign figures of speech. It's best to retire all these comics-based productions already.

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Friday, May 17, 2024 

Jerry Seinfeld regrets late 2000s animated movie because it allegedly had subtle sexual content

The Daily Wire reported veteran comedian Jerry Seinfeld says he regrets how a cartoon he voiced in 2007, Bee Movie, contained sexual content, at least according to him:
Jerry Seinfeld gave the commencement address at Duke University over the weekend and apologized during his remarks for the sexual content in his 2007 animated children’s film.

The 70-year-old comedian mentioned “Bee Movie” while addressing the crowd gathered in Durham, North Carolina, on Sunday. “I made a cartoon movie about bees you may have watched as a child,” Seinfeld said in a video clip that’s since gained traction on TikTok.

“If any of you felt slightly uncomfortable about the sexual undertones in the relationship between Barry B. Benson and Vanessa, the florist who saves his life, I would like to apologize for that now,” he added. “I may not have calibrated that perfectly.”

Over the years, there’s been a lot of conversation about the nature of the relationship between Seinfeld’s character, a bee, and his human co-star, Vanessa (voiced by Renée Zellweger).

This isn’t the first time Seinfeld brought up his regrets about the relationship in “Bee Movie.”

“I apologize for what seems to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect of the ‘Bee Movie,'” he said during a 2021 appearance on The Tonight Show. “[It] really was not intentional, but after it came out, I realized this is really not appropriate for children. Because the bee seems to have a thing for the girl, and we don’t really want to pursue that as an idea in children’s entertainment.”
Wait a minute, is he saying the screenplay's like an allusion to bestiality?!? Or because the notion the insect could end up stinging isn't very appealing? Or, because he feels it alludes too much to that old figure of speech, "the birds and the bees"? I don't know, but I think Seinfeld's failing to recognize certain differences between fiction and reality, in one of the most classically cliched instances in entertainment and literature discussions.

Still, depending how you view this, what he says is probably a lot more than can be said for how Disney's been handling their PR when it comes to the cartoons they're now making that emphasize LGBT ideology. For all we know, when it comes to that, Disney, and many other woke studios will probably never apologize for angles that could be far more blatantly written than what Bee Movie features.

I looked at the restored commenting section on the news page, and some of the readers said, for example:
Stop apologizing, just let the people theorize what was going on. How many other children's movies have adult undertones?
But even more eyebrow raising was this one:
How about he apologize for the antisemitic undertones?
(If you don't know the connection search for "giant bee Nahoul")
I looked up what's spoken about on search engines, and Memri had articles about how the figure spoken of was a Hamas propaganda indoctrination concept. If Bee Movie contains anything antisemitic as well, maybe that's what Seinfeld should really be giving a mea culpa for? Now, here's another comment:
Only if you are an uberpervert would you have thought that. I watched this several times with my kids and I never thought anything of the sort.
What??? Then you're talking to gutter minded people, not us. Me and my family never felt that way when we watched it. So dumb.
On that, I wouldn't be surprised if the "sexual undertones", or whatever they were, were pretty mild compared to some of the more heavy-handed ideas passing for that in recent years in woke animation productions. Which begs the query: why is something that could be built on heterosexual viewpoints being apologized for, in contrast to something that could be built on homosexual viewpoints? It's just plain bewildering, and suggests Seinfeld is - surprise, surprise - a leftist who's decided to go with the woke flow and all but disown past products while not doing anything to improve new ones. I appreciate Seinfeld's support for Israel, but that doesn't make his apologia for something that could be tame in sharp contrast to modern PC acceptable. Nor does it improve artistic quality in what's to come, for as long as there's an animation industry, let alone an entertainment industry.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024 

Don Perlin passes away at 94

The daughter of the veteran artist who worked on Marvel's Moon Knight and Valiant's Bloodshot announced on Facebook he passed away: The Daily Cartoonist has some more of his resume. If memory serves, he also had credits on Marvel's Transformers series, was one of the artists who first illustrated Tigra in the Bronze Age, and also drew Solar: Man of the Atom at Valiant. I'm terribly sorry he's gone now, as he was one of the better artists of his times.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 

Tom King thinks WW should be a "rebel", as if that never happened before

Newsarama interviewed the terrible Tom King about his current work on Wonder Woman, another title DC's editorial tragically gave him the keys to after all the poor exploitation he performed on many other creations of theirs. Predictably, the interviewer gushes and gushes galore, beginning with the following:
Wonder Woman relaunched last year with a new #1 under the all-new creative team of writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere. To say it has proved to be a bold new start for the Amazing Amazon is an understatement. The series kicks off with a woman - soon revealed to be one of the Amazons - protecting herself against a gang of violent bigots. This act of self-defence quickly sparks a political crisis which has seen tensions between the United States and Themyscira escalate to a disastrous degree. Meanwhile, a new villain, the ultra-traditionalist Sovereign, intends to bend Wonder Woman to his will.
What's really atrocious about this run is that it's a left-wing metaphor for opposition to illegal immigration, with the most stupefying part being the Amazons and Themyscira are used as stand-ins for the illegal aliens, or worse, for Islamic countries. But, that's pretty much how leftism seems to work these days.
Newsarama: Tom, we're here primarily to talk about Wonder Woman #9, which is a really interesting and different sort of issue. What can you tease about it?

Tom King: The latest arc, 'Sacrifice,' is basically the three trials of Wonder Woman as the Sovereign tries to break her in three different ways. In the first issue (#8) he tries to break her using the rope, trying to get her to believe these things about herself that aren't true. And then with this issue he tries another method, which is isolation. Wonder Woman is a social creature, she's not a loner like Clark and Bruce. And Sovereign takes all of that away from her, so she has to find a way to fight and endure that.
This is, quite honestly, a groaner. He makes it sound like Superman and Batman have literally no social life, even though Clark Kent's spent plenty of time in past decades with ladies like Lois Lane, to say nothing of Lana Lang and even the mermaid Lori Lemaris. While Bruce Wayne had affairs with women like Silver St. Cloud, Vicky Vale and even Catwoman. It can certainly be said Superman's far more open and social sans the glasses than Batman is under the cowl. All King's made clear is that, despite his claims to the contrary, he hasn't a clue how any of the older superhero creations were written in the past, nor does he care.
You mentioned Sovereign a minute ago, and he's proving to be a really interesting villain. Where did he come from?

I was looking for what makes Diana different than Clark and Bruce. When people describe Wonder Woman, all of the adjectives they use could also describe Superman or Batman: she never gives up, she's good, she loves her friends. So what differentiates her? I think the fact that it's difficult to come up with that is one of the reasons Wonder Woman is both hard to write and it's sometimes been hard for the audience to kind of grip onto her.

What differentiated her to me, in thinking about it, was: Batman enforces the law. His best friend is literally the police commissioner! And Superman, you can say so many things about Superman, but there's something wholesome and conformist about him. There's something in him that's status quo, in a good way, in a way I kind of love. He wants that wholesome Kansas vision of his parents to be spread out. It's one of love and empathy, but it's about keeping things the same.

Wonder Woman, she's the rebel. That's not what she wants. She wants change. She wants to go against the system, as opposed to enforcing and reinforcing it. And that's where I was like, "I need Wonder Woman to be a rebel, I need her to be against the systems that are in place now." And - stealing from Stan Lee's Hulk - the greatest thing to rebel against sometimes is the United States. And that's sort of where Sovereign came from and the idea that there's this secret king of America who subscribes to a very backwards view of how women should be, and how his empire should be, and how power should be restricted to one man and one family, and having her say, "No, there is another way." That's where Sovereign comes from.
He may not actually say it, but I've got a bad feeling the Sovereign is a metaphor for - surprise, surprise - Donald Trump. For now, this is hopelessly silly how King makes it sound like WW shouldn't enforce the law like Batman and Superman do. And rebelling against the USA? Seriously, that's just so cheap, and it's not hard to guess King must believe the best values of the USA are so worthless, they have to be "rebelled" against, which translates to more like opposed. What's so wrong with the USA that isn't so wrong with how Iran is being run, for example? The interviewer goes on:
He feels like a very relevant villain right now. There's been a resurgence, particularly online, of people expressing these hard line attitudes. Were you surprised by how timely he has proven to be?

I think the thing that most surprises me is people saying "Stop mocking me!" or associating themselves with Sovereign. I always want to say to people, "You're not the bad guy! This is not you. You are not the evil version, you can be the good guy here."

I was half raised by my grandmother - a wonderful human being with very traditional values. She would be on Wonder Woman's side in this!

Sovereign is a radical. He's as bad as Lex Luthor and the Joker. He's the bad guy. Don't associate yourself with him! Have confidence that your values are better than his. I'm not yelling at anyone with this villain, just like if you're a realtor you shouldn't be mad at Lex Luthor. Maybe you're a good realtor! You don't have to be Lex Luthor.
Gee, that's pretty rich coming from somebody who tries to associate WW with illegal immigrants for political purposes, much like the MSM tried to lump Superman in with the same. Exploiting other people's science-fantasy creations for real-life agendas that don't work the same way science-fiction and surrealism do. That's reprehensible. And then, near the end:
As you just hinted at the Absolute Power event is coming up. What's it like for you as a writer on an ongoing series when these big, line-wide events happen?

It can be awesome. One of my favourite issues I've ever written in my life - and one that had a huge impact on my life - was I did a Green Lantern issue for The Darkseid War crossover, that Geoff Johns wrote, with Doc Shaner and I. It was just a single issue and you know Geoff's like, "You have to do this and this and this." And yet, in that space, we were able to tell what I consider to be one of my best single issues. It's fun to be in that space, because you can really run there. You can do what Alan Moore did when he was given Crisis and Swamp Thing. You can make beautiful gold out of the thing.

When I was on Batman I got to be fairly isolated from all that. We had The Button crossover, but basically not much. When I started Wonder Woman they were like, "Tom, do you want us to isolate you?" And I literally said to them, "No! I want this to be old school. I want this to be like when I was reading Avengers and Inferno happened and then Acts of Vengeance happened. I want to be like Walt Simonson and make something awesome out of it."
Anybody who's going to speak so lovingly about working with a writer as awful as Johns is has no business telling us he wants to be like Simonson, a far better writer/artist than any of them will ever be when he was younger. Another clue what's wrong with King, and the company he keeps.

And didn't WW rebel against her mother's wishes in the pre- and/or post-Crisis origins, when the Themysciran queen was against Diana becoming a fighter against evil forces? So it's not like it wasn't done before. All King cares about is concocting stealth propaganda demeaning to the USA. Once again, Marie Javins, as successor to the equally awful Dan DiDio, has done a terrible disservice to the classic creations in DC's stables.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024 

New Superman movie costume picture looks like what was designed in the past decade

The BBC reported on the reactions to a picture published of actor David Corenswet sitting in a living room putting on the Superman costume:
It's hard to please everyone, especially with an iconic character like Superman and some people aren't completely happy with the reveal.

Some fans posted on social media suggesting it looks "too much like an MCU suit", referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and heroes such as Captain America. While others said it looked as if it had been made with AI.

But the new look has also received lots of praise from other fans who say they like that it looks like an actual piece of clothing rather than being completely skin-tight.
I suppose it might resemble the "chain-mail" look of the early 2000s for Captain America, but that's actually a problem: Cap went downhill as a storytelling vehicle in late 2002 after Joe Quesada forced anti-American metaphors onto Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's classic creation, and the Marvel Knights series in which this took place became unreadable very quickly. If anything, when I first looked at the picture available, it made me think of the time over a decade ago, when DC and WB removed Superman's red tights because they didn't conform with the PC vision being launched at the time, which was shoehorned onto Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie. In addition, a look resembling plastic toy merchandise was produced for the comics, by Jim Lee. Needless to say, these editorial/studio mandates are very troubling, because they damage creative freedom and license, and above all, they're petty. And those who actually like it? All they're doing is gushing over being "realistic", which has come at the expense of entertainment value.

VG247 says people need to relax, because this is just old drama anew. Which is true, though it certainly doesn't tell enough about whether the film will end up a PC mess or not. For now, what they want to say is:
It appears that everyone has very strong feelings, positive or negative, about the Superman (2025) costume reveal that James Gunn finally shared a few days ago with David Corenswet in the role. The thing is... we've been here before, but everyone seems to have just forgotten about the announcements of old.

Of course, the first costume reveal that comes to mind is Man of Steel's 'here's your first look at the new Superman moment' back in 2011. I vividly remember all the heavy criticism over a single image, way before we saw the movie in movement for the first time. Mind you, Zack Snyder's DC movies aren't exactly widely beloved, contrary to what recent revisionism might suggest, but almost everyone warmed up to Henry Cavill's portrayal of the character — and the wardrobe that came with him — over the years. Now, after many months of asking for an early look at Supes (this is just a slightly touched-up production still), everyone seems to be mad. Comic book fans never change, I guess.

There's a reason why some studios have chosen over the years to play things safe and simply keep the first-ever looks at new costumes and characters under wraps for as long as possible. While early peeks at the stars of the show may help build up hype even before a teaser trailer is released, unchecked hate campaigns organized by the worst sections of a fandom can spread like wildfire and kneecap projects, regardless of the final quality, before the actual marketing campaigns kick off.
Well of course it's not a great idea to make too much of a fuss over certain costume designs in such movies, certainly not if it takes away attention from whether the movie could be soured with wokeness, but all the same, if these were even remotely subject to editorial/studio mandate, that's troubling, because it's but a step denying the writer/director creative freedom. And playing it safe? Well, that's also a serious issue, because they actually are. That's what the figure of speech "wokeness" came to be employed for, as another way of saying "political correctness". Depending what kind of entertainment medium and products we're talking about, there's quite a few where the issue is race-and-gender-swapping for woke brownie points, watering down women's sex appeal, shoving LGBT ideology down the consumer's throats, not to mention potential anti-conservative hostility that could practically dwell on the surface. The part about sex appeal is what seems particularly vulnerable to safe-play, in terms of modern mainstream Hollywood, and Breitbart's John Nolte's made important points about it at times too.
Neither DC nor Marvel are free from scrutiny whenever these reveals come out, and things only get more heated up when the superheroes in question are Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman, arguably the 'Big 3' of the comics medium. In a way, I'm certain these companies are counting on chatter, good and bad, helping in the long run, but, as explained before, we've seen this backfire before. Another 2011 reveal works as a great example of obsessive fandoms rushing to drop whole essays about a yet-to-be-released projects based on just a production still: that of The Amazing Spider-Man, which represented another fresh take on the famous webslinger.

Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker had to fight an even tougher uphill battle, as Sony Pictures' quick pivot from Spider-Man 4 (which would've brought Sam Raimi and his team back) to a reboot that felt pointless at the time was a bit of a head-scratcher. In the end, the movie performed well enough and spawned a sequel which also featured another big costume change. And the loop repeated itself.
At the time, it was surprising the Spidey reboot did as well as it did, but even so, it was already pretty obvious where it'd be going, since, as I'd once noted years ago, I already knew the Spidey origin and the film played out about as could be expected. So, it hasn't aged well. In any case, why anybody feels the need to complain about these movies is anybody's guess, because what makes them so great, but not the zygotes? Why worry about the movie adaptations, but the not the original comics? All these whiners made clear is that they're not comics fans, period.

And if a previous report I found suggests anything, the upcoming Corenswet movie may not really stand on its own, nor will it be woke-free. Something else that may have to be considered is that James Gunn did cause offense years before, and what he did in past years isn't so easy to overlook. If he's listed in the film credits, those with common sense who watch it will really have to take it with grains of salt, and separate art from artist. Besides, when the comics are collapsing in PC, what's the use of making a big deal out of movie adaptations?

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Monday, May 13, 2024 

The live action movie combining GI Joe and Transformers that's in the works

Some news from a few weeks ago that I'd missed until now. Collider announced that a movie teaming GI Joe and Transformers was greenlighted:
Two iconic Hasbro properties are finally having their long-awaited crossover as, according to a recent report from Deadline, Paramount has announced that a film featuring Transformers and G.I. Joe is officially in the works. No director is attached to the project just yet, but the film will be executive produced by Steven Spielberg with Lorenzo di Bonaventura returning to produce alongside Mark Vahradian, Michael Bay, Tom DeSanto, and Don Murphy.

With the popularization of the cinematic universe in Hollywood, thanks in part to Marvel, a crossover between the Transformers and G.I. Joe has been seen as inevitable for a while. However, it wasn’t until the recent release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts last year that fans finally got to see a tease of what’s to come, with the ending featuring Anthony Ramos‘ character being recruited to the secretive military organization known as G.I. Joe. Whether the upcoming film will feature the return of Ramos remains unknown for now, but one can’t help but be excited over the thought of the two Hasbro properties sharing the screen together.
But isn't it a shame GI Joe never succeeded on its own as live action movies? There's probably only been 3 so far, none of which were considered successful artistically, and if the Joes can't stand on their own in film in contrast to how an army of shape-shifting robots did, artistically and/or financially, what's to celebrate? For all we know, a movie like this could just as easily end up a PC mess, much like the Joe movies did. After GI Joe failed on its own in what was possibly deliberate artistic sabotage, it's hard to feel excited about seeing them part of a project with the Transformers where the former could receive second billing alongside the latter.

If the Transformers and GI Joe team-up succeeds, great for the filmmakers. But it's infuriarating how the Joe-based movies were badly handled on their own, and even if this new movie project serves as an attempt to restart the prospects of starring the Joes in another stand-alone live action movie, it's absurd how they'd have to depend on a different franchise to get to that point. Let's also not forget how the left's led to a situation where pride in American identity's been eroded, one of the reasons GI Joe's not exactly making waves even as the toy action figures they originally began as anymore. Oh, and I'm aware of the poor reception the trailers for Transformers: One have received so far, suggesting that not only could even an animated entry misfire, but that even Transformers is beginning to lose whatever impact it could've previously had. Talk about a missed opportunity, if that's what it turns out to be.

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