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Monday, November 27, 2006 

For heaven's sake, make up your mind!

I've complained many many times about fluff-writing, and will keep on doing so for as long as I have to. This can even include op-ed columns in which the MSM journalists writing them make it sound as though they find faults on the one hand, yet still fawn over the item in question anyway. Here's an excerpt from one of the articles of the comics columnist of the Colorado Springs Gazette on his own blog in which he pretty much does just that:
“Justice League of America” No. 3 came out yesterday. I’m enjoying Brad Meltzer’s run, though I’m frankly more than a bit lost about what’s going on. And after three issues of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman sitting around arrogantly picking out new members of the JLA while other heroes are busy battling menaces that I guess are all related, I’m ready for the “Big Three” to join the action.

I’m still not sure how I feel about Meltzer’s choices for the team, either. I’m pretty unfamiliar with Vixen and I’m not a particular Red Tornado fan. It’s good to see Black Lightning raise his profile, though, and interesting to see Arsenal (if that’s what he’s calling himself these days) take over the archer role from Green Arrow.
Unfortunately, in my mind, he's not taking a clear position. If he thinks it's a disappointment, he should just say so. And to say he's not sure what he thinks of the team choices is a joke. Talk about bending over backwards to do promos more than opinions! Either it's a good issue or it's crap. That's what called admitting there's a problem, yet excusing it just because it's comics, movies, music, and other forms of showbiz. Been there, heard that one before. This is not the same as eating a butter pecan ice cream cone. A movie, comic, or music recording is something with different ranks of quality, or not at all. Come to think of it, so is food. You cannot just simply imply that you're digging it all because it's showbiz.

At the same time, what I find interesting here is that he gives a clue to something I find very odd: the big three make their picks in arrogance. That sure does sound like an extension of the forced personalities in Identity Crisis, one more reason why I won't pick this up, even when it arrives in trades.

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