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Sunday, December 23, 2007 

Providing more clarification for Jean Loring

I see that reprints of Super-Team Family #11-14 have been published as "Countdown Special" just recently. I think that's why I'm going to have to provide some more clues, as I've done my best so far to search for, of how she went "nuts" during 1977-78. From the Unofficial Homepage of the Atom, a little bit about that:

  • Super-Team Family (V3) #11 (June-July) "The Other Side of Doomsday"
  • Flash/Supergirl/Atom team-up. Jean Loring is kidnapped by T.O. Morrow.
  • Super-Team Family (V3) #12 (August-September) "The Eternity Pursuit"
    Green Lantern/Hawkman/Atom team-up. The heroes pursue Jean as she is teleported across the galaxy.
  • Super-Team Family (V3) #13 (October-November) "Ragnarok Night"
  • Aquaman/Captain Comet/Atom team-up. SSOSV #10 crossover. Jean ends up back on Earth, but falls into the hands of the SSOSV.
  • Secret Society of Super-Villians #10 (October) "Triumph and Treachery"
  • The Atom pursues Jean, who has fallen into the hands of the SSOSV.
  • Super-Team Family (V3) #14 (December 1977-January 1978) "The End of the Quest"
  • Wonder Woman/Atom team-up. SSOSV #10 crossover. Jean is finally rescued.
If she went insane, which would be more like brainwashing-via-radiation as it was in late 1969, I'd have to figure that T.O Morrow*, that mad scientist who began as a thorn in the side of Flash and Green Lantern, and later caused trouble for the Justice Society on Earth-2 just as much as for the League on Earth-1, as well as the SSOSV, had what to do with that.

So again, is it really insanity we're talking about here, and not just serpentine brainwashing?

Update: Morrow used a bizarre living planet to carry out an attempted revenge on the Atom and Flash, during which Jean, if she suffered a nervous breakdown, received it courtesy of Morrow's planet-partner, which even tossed her into another dimensional world, that caused her further damage. Obviously not her fault then, right?

But the most important and best point to make here is that, this is exactly what neither Brad Meltzer nor Wizard magazine would be clear about - where they got the idea from, and it's apparent that Meltzer wrote that part of the miniseries "in name only". Meaning that, he based his whole notion of Jean being "crazy" solely on how she did happen to have a breakdown, but in a way that had nothing to do with the earlier depiction. That's how it lapses in logic.

* Let's not forget that he was also the one who first designed the Red Tornado, who then turned the tables on him when he became a Justice Society member and then a Justice League member!

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