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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Liberals don't understand Iron Fist any more than they do Iron Man

On the Dixonverse forum, someone is put off by how Matt Fraction, who's written at least one issue so far of the current Iron Fist series, has joined the list of liberal writers injecting way too much of their silly biases into the script:
First of all, in a book called Iron FIST about a martial arts character, you may expect some action. You would be wrong. Not a punch is thrown, no villains, no conflict. Just talky talk talk TALK. Bendis may be able to pull this off occasionally, but Fraction is not as talented a writer and it comes off as indescribably boring. As for the plot, he pulls out his deepest Liberal utopia beliefs and foists them off as superhero writing. In this issue, Danny Rand decides to shut down Rand International and give all his money (billions, presumably), to charity. The charity part is admirable; Bill Gates just resigned from Microsoft to do basically the same thing. The difference is, he didn’t shut down Microsoft.

This is a perfect Liberal fantasy. All companies are evil, so the corporate Satan spawn goes out of business (one down, a few million to go!). But the reformed businessman Rand (now not caring about growing his profits-or profits at all) becomes the perfect Liberal. Let’s not think about the hundreds, probably thousands of jobs that have been lost and all those families now left without income in a tough economy. Let’s not think about all of the stockholders that instantly have their Rand stock devalued. And it’s not just fat cats, folks! Marvel Universe parents and grandparents have corporate stocks in their mutual funds, which just took a dive. Thanks, Danny! Like a true Liberal, Danny thinks giving money to mentally ill and drug-addicted homeless people is much more important than helping folks who have scrimped and saved all of their lives for retirement! Too bad for them, thinks Danny-I’m going to drive under bridges and serve meals to people in cardboard boxes one at a time. That’ll fix the problem.

In a true lack of awareness of any previous Iron Fist stories, the writer has the former Rand CEO tell Danny he was the “heart and soul” of Rand Industries. Um, I’ve read Iron Fist stories for a long time, and I don’t know that Danny Rand has set foot in Rand Industries except to use the bathroom. Plot hammer much? His heart and soul were into hitting stuff with nunchucks and fighting guys with razors for fists. Not anymore! Now Danny Rand, Iron Fist, exists to give away his money and shut down the source of all evil: the company built by his family. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the company going and have a source of funds for his charitable foundation possibly forever? Nope, that would imply that corporate America could be used for good, which is not to be admitted by a proper Liberal. Especially in a Marvel comic.
I think I can understand what's wrong with how Fraction set things up here: Danny Rand closes down a company through which he could gather much more money that could be given to charity, open rehabilitation centers for the mentally ill and drug addicts, and to make matters worse, he probably doesn't even go after the very drug traffickers and pimps who've been taking advantage of the people whom Rand wants to help. And this has surely been a direction Marvel's been going in for a few years now, to write stories with no action, while not providing any involving character drama either. What a bummer.

I can guess why this is happening in Iron Fist's book rather than in Iron Man's or even Batman's though: Danny Rand, in sharp contrast, is a more minor character, which they think will enable them to get away with it more easily. And that's a sad thing: the more minor a hero, the more likely the editors and writers are to exploit that because they know that the audience is less likely to object, or not enough of them. And that's something that needs to be changed, because even minor heroes and their supporting casts should not be sacrificial lambs for such garbage.

Fraction's already foisted some of his liberal views on the Punisher, and, as this fluff-covered interview with him from Scripps-Howard News Service tells, even the X-Men may soon be his next victims, when he joins Ed Brubaker for the 500th issue of Uncanny X-Men, where they'll be moving the team to San Francisco:
Captain Comics: Why San Francisco? Is it because of strong associations with the gay subculture, to emphasize the X-Men's status as a persecuted minority?

Fraction: Well, it's not just gay subculture -- almost any subculture has found its voice and power in the Bay Area. Whether it's underground comics or the anti-war movement or ... or you name it. The Bay Area is where the underground goes overt. And it's a city known worldwide for its tolerance, acceptance and celebration of the unique and rare.
Yep. Including illegal immigrants and drug dealers. Whereas Second Amendment and self-defense advocates seem to be on their list of undesirables (fortunately, that ruling was overturned). Just reading this excerpt from that cream-puff interview with Fraction tells that there's every chance his left-liberal lunacy will find its way into the series. Maybe, no matter what's being told here, he'll depict Cyclops as not being allowed to use his optic beams, and Storm won't be allowed to use her electrical power. Come back, Chris Claremont, all is forgiven.

Matt Fraction is just one more left-wing loony of a writer whom we could do without.

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