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Saturday, August 30, 2008 

Boy, is this lame

The Penn. Express-Times fawns over "DC Universe: Last Will and Testament", one of the tie-ins to Final Crisis, where Geo-Force decides, after all these years, to take on Deathstroke for what he did to late sister Terra, and fawns over Brad Meltzer as well in the process. And the writer says about Geo-Force:
I don't even really know who the character is. I had to look him up on the Internet.

I only knew he was in the newly re-launched "Justice League" and "Batman and the Outsiders."
Wow. Some comics expert we have here, I'll bet. Brion Markov was one of the most notable members of the original Outsiders, whom Batman first worked with to defeat the evil Baron Bedlam, who was trying to conquer the fictional country of Markovia, and this led to the formation of the Outsiders team. Sure, Geo-Force hasn't exactly been used much in the past decade, but that a columnist whose job is to write about comics wouldn't know about him is ridiculous.

But that's nothing compared to the whitewash of Deathstroke's "battle" with the League:
But it all comes back to Geo-Force as he makes his stand against a man who has
taken on the entire Justice League single-handedly and won.
Yeah, and through contrived, disgusting circumstances at that. No mention of Slade's punch to Zatanna's tummy, or the even more obscene assault on Black Canary, in one of the worst fanfic-style storylines ever written.
Meltzer does a great job making you care about a D-list hero few people know about.

But this is what Meltzer does best. He did the same thing in "Identity Crisis" with Elongated Man and his wife, Sue Dibny, and in his 12-issue run of "Justice League of America" with Vixen and Black Lightning.
Sorry, but that is a lie. He never tried to make anyone care about Sue, but certainly did try to make people care more about the Justice League's mindwipe of Dr. Light, in retaliation for his attack on Sue. And when IC ended with Ralph made to look like he was crazily talking to thin air, you know that he's not exactly serious about making people care about Elongated Man either.

And that's why I don't buy into the whole claim that Meltzer really makes anyone care about Geo-Force, who deserves much better than to make do with a writer as pretentious and overrated as Meltzer.

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