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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 

Marvel set to rip off Blackest Night with Dead Avengers and Chaos War

The blatant ripoffs will never end. Now, Marvel is coming up with a miniseries called "Dead Avengers", a tie-in to their next time-wasting event called Chaos War, whose cast even includes Mar-Vell of the Kree, and I have no doubt they'll embarrass the character royally by the time this is done.

Strangely enough, for a miniseries featuring dead heroes, the Wasp is not mentioned here. The second Yellowjacket, Rita deMara, is here, but no mention of Janet VanDyne. I guess she's not good enough for Quesada, Bendis and their horrible stable of current writers and editors, right?

Worst of all, however, is what they say about Scarlet Witch and the Vision, the latter who is part of the cast:
"In this miniseries, the Chaos King has put together a very Avengers specific threat that only the Dead Avengers can stop. Since they are the only ones around to do it, they have a chance at redemption," Van Lente revealed. "This is very much a story about redemption. The entire cast, with the exception of Captain Marvel died rather dishonorably or tragically. The Swordsman was accidentally killed by Kang. The Vision's wife used him as a pawn to help blow up Avengers mansion in 'Avengers Disassembled.' Yellowjacket was killed by Iron Man when he was possessed by Immortus. She died without anybody really noticing, which is even more horrible. Doctor Druid was killed by Nekra…[who] may be a character appearing in this series, which will give you a huge hint as to who the main villain is."
Granted, the argument about dishonor and tragedy is a worthy one, save for one problem: here, it's coming from a writer who follows Quesada's bidding with few complaints and who hasn't done much to improve things from the dire state they're in. And his citing the Scarlet Witch as though he considers it acceptable that she was villified in that horrible "event" of 2004 just further cements the mistakes Van Lente is making on his part.

Just another clue this'll be as worthless as their other recent junk.

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In another article on Newsarma, Fred Van Lente, the writer of this nonsense, said that the final fate of the Wasp is kind of in limbo at the moment, so she may not actually BE a "dead Avenger".

It'll probably turn out that the Wasp was only "mostly dead" and that she'll explain to those who thought she was dead that she "got better."

And when the Wasp comes back, if at all, it'll only be in another company-wide crossover, since Marvel's lost all sense of self-contained storytelling.

Great another love of Scarlet Witch...oh noess...they made her eViLe. Look at this way, at least she's coming back.

I'll guess you'll be the next person on the "bring back Jean Grey bandwagon" or "bEtSY is BrItIsh NoT JaPoinAise."

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