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Wednesday, April 06, 2011 

Ron Marz puts down Ayn Rand

In another example of a writer who lets his political standings overwhelm himself, Ron Marz, while having a quarrel with Bluewater Productions about a week ago, attacked Ayn Rand on his Twitter account (Bluewater is working on a project about her), and said:
If there's a better pairing than horrible, selfish nutbag Ayn Rand and Bluewater, I've yet to hear it
Now I'm not going to comment on any dispute Marz has with Bluewater over whether they're paying him properly for any work he might've done for them. What saddens me is that Marz is letting his political leanings get the better of him, dragging Ayn Rand into this whole mess unnecessarily, and demonizing an author and playright who was anti-communist, a position many comics workers of yesteryear, including Stan Lee and the late Julius Schwartz, held too; they had their own share of works with anti-commie themes. What next, is Marz going to attack Steve Ditko for reading her works and even attack Lee and Schwartz if they respect her?

It's too bad, really, but this is the sad reality of how some contributors in the field, if not all, are losing themselves in too much leftist politics. That aside, Marz is a writer who's probably more known for some of the really bad ideas he undertook in his early days - killing off Frankie Raye in the Silver Surfer's series, and more notoriously, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's girlfriend, Alexandra, who lasted just barely a year before she was obliterated (and editorial mandate apparently decreed that he could not create a new girlfriend for Kyle, and could only use a lady already around, Jade. This was one of many signs how Green Lantern was one of the most editorially mandated comics of the 1990s). It was when he worked with Crossgen under its initial ownership that he began to show some promise, but when working at the big two, it was mediocre; he did his work there mostly as a hack and showed little sign of standing strong on maintaining free reign in scripwriting.

Now, we have to see this kind of terrible quarreling go down between a writer and company officials on Twitter, and degenerate into something perfectly dreadful.

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Granted, Rand had her odd moments, but there is a reason why the Atlas Shrugged movie is gaining genuine excitement in America. There is a reason why everyone wants to cite John Galt. Think anyone will do the same with the same amount of depth with Marz in 30 years after his passing? I'm sorry, but I don't think so. (The 30th anniversary of her death passed, a few weeks ago.)

Anymore, the more the Left demonizes, which Marz has done, the more I want to read Rand. Not just to spite him, but to see, 'how horrible is she to rate this rancor?'

"Selfish nutbag"? 10 years ago, during the Hal/Kyle turnover, he was called quite a few unpleasant things. Apparently, the lesson didn't stick. It's a shame.

I reject about 98% of Rand, but I'd be coming it it from an old Kirkean/ de Maistrean traditionalist angle. Pretty much non-existent viewpoint in America now, used to be more around.

In any event, I'm bored to tears with comic writers spouting off on politics one way or another. It's soooo 70s. Shut yer trap and shoot something, Green Arrow.

sometimes I'm really astounded by the lack of professionalism.

Fair enough, as I don't know Rand enough to do any sort of proper debate.

"Kirkean/ de Maistrean" -- been a long time since I've heard that. I'm impressed? Heh.

As for the lack of professionalism, I think that ship sailed long ago. Remember the days when we had comic writers who weren't political hacks? These were the days.

You summed Marz up perfectly when you called him a hack.

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