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Monday, May 21, 2012 

Nashua Telegraph forgot that Earth 2 did turn up recently before the reboot

The Nashua Telegraph's done some gushing over the DCnU:
DC has begun its “Second Wave” of six new series, following “The New 52” titles launched last September.

The first four are already out, and they successfully upgrade concepts that will make older fans nod their heads in approval.
Wrong. Not this one. And judging from sales levels, not many others care either. Those so-called upgrades aren't so successful at all, since an overemphasis on violence and shock tactics is still accompanying them.

Now, here's where the inaccuracy comes in:
[...] now, once again, Obi-Wan Kenobi is getting a headache from fanboy cheers. A couple of years ago, DC decided to bring its multiple-Earth concept back. There had been no sign of Earth-Two until now, with the release of “Earth 2” and “Worlds’ Finest.”
Excuse me? I seem to recall that Infinite Crisis reintroduced the Earth 2 plane, at least theoretically, and the problem there was that it was otherwise just for boringly handled nostalgia cameos with little point to them. And the multiple worlds that came along with it in the 52 miniseries were mostly done away with soon after to boot.

In any case, someone sure doesn't have a very good memory of the 21st century's publishing output, horrid as much of it is. And as a fanboy myself, I'm certainly not cheering.
Best of all, the writer of “Earth 2” is James Robinson, who wrote some of the most beloved and best-remembered Earth-Two stories, such as the entire “Starman” series and “The Golden Age” graphic novel.
At one time, maybe, but today, as I've stated before, he's simply lost it, so having him as a writer is not something anyone alienated by the DiDio gang will consider the best thing to happen.

And oddly enough, there's another slight inaccuracy there: Starman may have been centered around the son of a protagonist who'd once been living on Earth 2 (Ted Knight), but at the time the Starman series was published, both Earths had already been merged together in one following Crisis on Infinite Earths, so it's not like Jack Knight's adventures were ever really set on Earth 2. As for the Golden Age, it may have been set in a different dimension, but it was an Elseworlds story.

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So much for Captain Comics claiming to be a "fan..." obviously not since he didn't do the research about Earth-2. He's just as bad as that Penn Express-Times reporter who didn't know who Geo-Force was but claimed to be a "fan" anyway.

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