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Saturday, June 30, 2012 

Why is Micah Wright being allowed back to the industry?

Newsarama tells that the anti-war writer Micah Wright, who lied about army service, is resurfacing as a contributor to the Kickstarter project:
In 2002, Micah Wright was a rising star in the comic book industry. As the writer of Wildstorm's military-themed Stormwatch: Team Achilles, he grew a fanbase and attracted critical praise, with work like that series — and his "remixed propaganda" collection You Back the Attack, We'll Bomb Who We Want — bolstered by his purported real-life service as a former Army Ranger.

Except Wright was never an Army Ranger, and stories like the introduction to You Back the Attack, detailing his participation in the 1989 invasion of Panama, were completely false. The truth came out in a 2004 Washington Post article, and according to his subsequent apology, Wright had never gotten further in the armed services than Army ROTC.

The news brought a swift end to his comic book career, with both Stormwatch: Team Achilles and a planned update to DC's Vigilante canceled, and word that he had been essentially blacklisted from the industry. In the interim eight years, Wright has worked steadily as a video game writer, but is now attempting a comic book comeback via a Kickstarter-funded original graphic novel titled Duster.

"My policy is not to read things that are written about me on the Internet," Wright told Newsarama. "It's just too depressing. I know that the more this news gets out that I'm coming back to comics, the more that people who don't like me will be vociferously complaining on the Internet. But by the same token, maybe the people who have forgiven me for my stupidity will be interested, and look up my book."
Not a chance. As the WaPo article says, that aforementioned propaganda collection of his was just "a shrill antiwar poster book". What use do I have for a writer who publishes stuff that cruddy, and even lies about his service as a way of claiming it turned him into a "peacenik"? So I guess he won't be reading my say either? No matter, so he won't need to know that I too have a rock-bottom opinion of him, and that Kickstarter, supposedly intended to fund writers and artists with financial problems, should be ashamed of themselves for employing such an awful man.

The premise of Duster sounds ludicrous too:
Duster has been in the works, in its very earliest form, since Comic-Con in 1995, where Wright says he had a particularly vivid dream about Nazis arriving on his grandparents' farm.

"At the end of the dream, my grandmother had gotten on board the Nazi's plane and discovered that their big secret was that they had smuggled Hitler out of Nazi Germany," Wright said.

Wright told the dream to his writing partner, Jay Lender, and eventually the idea became a film script, which then evolved into the currently in-process graphic novel. Lender has years of experience as an artist, writer and director on animated series including Phineas and Ferb and SpongeBob SquarePants, but he's not new to the comic book game.

"It's mostly funny stuff," said Lender, the book's co-writer, of his past work, "but Duster has an enormous amount of funny stuff in it. Micah and I both feel that in order to have the darkness, you have to have the light."

Duster — illustrated by Jok Coglitore and Cristian Mallea — is the story of a widowed housewife dealing with the unexpected scenario of Nazi war criminals landing on her farm towards the end of World War II. Both Wright and Lender make it clear that the story only works with a female main character.

"This particular story can't be told with a male protagonist," Lender said. "The text of the story is people fighting Nazis in West Texas just after the close of World War II in Europe. But the subtext of it is about the changing roles of women in that era, because they're getting out of the home, and into the workplace, and that's more than accepted, it's necessary. And after that, the jobs and opportunities that are available to women completely changed. That's really what the story is about."
Who cares if it can't be told with a male lead? What matters is that it sounds mighty stupid and dumb, and potentially offensive. Nazism isn't something you just joke about. Nor for that matter is jihadism, communism, marxism, or even the Rape of Nanking. If this is what they think makes for an engaging story, I don't think they're being impressive at all. Comedy and matters as serious as this don't mix, and the story sounds just like how it started: as a ridiculous dream, something usually lacking logic and this doesn't sound much different.
As of June 29, the project has funded a little more than half of its $26,000 goal, which it needs to raise by July 24. Wright says the goal isn't to eventually turn Duster into a movie, as the story was originally intended — though he acknowledged it would be "thrilling and exciting" if it happened — but he does seem open to seeing it eventually end up at a traditional publisher, which would be a first for him since the controversy broke.

"I think that if we do well on Kickstarter, it will make it easier for us to find a traditional comics publisher to then release a trade paperback version someday," Wright said. "But in order to do that, we have to do well on Kickstarter."
Let's hope they aren't. Wright should have remained outside the boundaries of the medium, and a most important question here is whether he still harbors the left-wing leanings he had years ago. I won't be surprised if he still does, and Kickstarter may have staff like that too, making it an otherwise unworthy company to associate with.

Update: I take back what I'd initially assumed about Kickstarter, since, as this new graphic novel they're working on shows, they do have some good stuff to offer too. Even so, I wish they hadn't associated themselves with Wright's work.

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I don't think Kickstarter is associated with any particular ideology; I donated to a cause via their website last year (music/documentary related) and didn't see anything bias-related.

That said, f**k Micah Wright. I first wrote about this Duster project back in April, and Wright's supposed "comeback" was to have occurred four years prior to that. And now Duster is due out in ... 2013?? What a joke.

Face it -- the only reason Wright apologized and is now contrite is because he got caught. Period. I hope this project falls flat on its face. Hard.

I don't know anything about the Kickstarter fund, so I can't comment intelligently on that. But I agree with Hube: Wright is a douche. I definitely won't be wasting any money on his new comic; hell, I regret having spent money on his abyssmal Stormwatch: Team Achilles series from about ten years ago, which was nothing but an anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-American polemic. And Hube, didn't Wright also contribute to the Authority?

Carl: Yes, he did. Not-so-ironically on the Coup D'etat storyline.

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me one bit that Wright would be involved in a left-leaning comic like that. "Stormwatch: team Achilles" wasn't much better, like I said in my comment above. I actually used to own a few issues of that abominable series until I woke up and realized how awful it was, so I sold them to a local comics dealer.

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