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Thursday, August 16, 2012 

Mark Waid is still making himself look foolish

About a week ago, Mark Waid and an artist named Jeremy Rock put together a comic strip called "4 panels that never work" that even makes a jab at Geoff Johns over his own obsessions with gruesome imagery. Much as we'd like to think he's at least showing a modicum of decency, he's done what to prove otherwise, and he later responded to the topic on CBR speaking about this, and said for starters:
Geoff and I are cool so far as I know. It’s a joke, and it’s nothing I’ve not given him good-natured grief about to his face in years past. (Though looking at the two stabbings just in this week’s DC comics alone, I wish I’d generalized that joke simple to “DC comic.”) I’ll make fun of my own shortcomings in the upcoming sequel, “4 More Panels That Don’t Work,” fair enough?
I guess he's clearly never intended to protest one of the leading problems now plaguing the medium besides aggravating politics. And then worse, he said:
Also, I’d like to point out that if it weren’t for vile, women-hating misogynist shitbags, we wouldn’t HAVE a mainstream comics industry.
Oh my god. He's starting to sound like a Lyndon LaRouche/Ron Paul supporter who's willing to cater to racists and misogynists all for the sake of getting as many supporters for the sake of his hidden agendas no matter how furious the public becomes once they find out the real picture. If I were a star in the medium, I'd sooner go broke than have to rely upon the kind of people Waid's stupidly suggesting he's fine having as customers so long as it helps their survival. And even if he only meant the above in jest, it still isn't funny.

And that satire panel he and Rock came up with does nothing to solve the problem when Waid's been going along with it without protest. Waid is the same writer who even went along with the direction imposed since Identity Crisis, as his work on the 52 maxiseries 6 years ago makes clear in his insultingly humorless depiction of Elongated Man, whom he killed off at the end of the run, and Irredeemable compounded the problem further. Waid really has become hopeless.

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I'm hoping he was being facetious and doing very poorly at it, because otherwise...

Or, maybe he is a self-loather about his work. It's sad to see someone basically self-destruct, and does anyone know why?

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