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Friday, August 10, 2012 

Matt Fraction is writing the Fantastic Four

Ugh, one of the most pretentious writers Joe Quesada had the gall to foist upon the MCU is taking over the title for the first family of the MCU:
One of Marvel Comics' brightest stars takes on the original Marvel Universe book when Fraction becomes the writer on the relaunched Fantastic Four in the fall, as well as the spinoff sister series FF, as part of the company's Marvel NOW! initiative.
If there's anything to take issue with here, it's their assertion Fraction is one of the "brightest". Not a bit. A writer who does a leftist take on the raid upon al Qaeda's hideout and whose leftist leanings even found their way into Fear Itself isn't someone very bright at all; he's actually quite shameless. This article also tells something I find very dismaying:
Reed Richards reaches out to Scott Lang because as Ant-Man, he's scientific, he has things to prove, he's a family man and, because he recently lost his daughter Cassie, Reed feels putting this brokenhearted hero in charge of the kids in the Future Foundation will help him.
I'm not pleased with this news either; in fact, I'm disgusted that Lang's daughter has become the latest victim of their culling of any minor character they deem worthless. And this apparently just so that they can turn the title dark:
Ant-Man has an agenda of his own, too, in addition to protecting the world. He blames Doctor Doom for the death of his daughter and, with the power of the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation, wonders what would happen if they declared war on Latveria and devoted all their time and resources to eliminating Doom once and for all.

"It's a dark twist on what the Fantastic Four is about — it's the other side of the coin," Fraction says. "We have this Fantastic Four with a specific mission in FF and how can he direct and bring these people along with him?"
In that case, how can his run be considered a love letter to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's best work of the Silver Age? I recall that Mark Waid's run may have had some anti-war propaganda featured, and this could be a retread of the same approach, or worse.
Fraction admits he's "terrified" he's going to screw up Fantastic Four, but he feeds off that fear and to be true to the spirit of the book, he says, "you've got to invent, invent, invent.
He's already screwing up by going along with the premise that Cassie Lang was slain only to giver her father a motivation for being a superhero. Thus, he's not being inventive at all.

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Personally I don't care about his political leanings. Of primary concern is the fact the Mr. Fraction is NOT a good writer. He has single handedly turned Mighty Thor into a dull and mediocre book at best, and at worst an unreadable cluster f__k. His Iron Man is more readable, but is also mediocre.

Fraction is a hack, pure and simple. His politics bother me quite a bit, largely because he injects them into virtually everything he writes, namely X-Men and the Punisher.

Here is an idea for Fraction if he wants to do an Al Qaeda/ Fantastic Four blend. At least this would be funny. . .http://avphenom.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/on-success-of-the-avengers-marvel-to-unveil-new-fantastic-four-vs-al-queda-movie/

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