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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 

Mark Waid's meltdown moment

Waid added more of his bias to the whole Orson Scott Card affair:

The same writer who was throughly okay with dissolving the Spider-Marriage into nothingness and went along willingly with Identity Crisis by building some tasteless continuations from it sees fit to tell everybody what bigotry and bullying are. Yep, nobody seems to comprehend hateful actions, not even Mark Waid. Otherwise, he wouldn't have stood by silently while DC and Marvel coughed out their horrors and took advantage of the audience, forcing story structures disrespectful to women down everyone's throats. Even today, he's far from critical of them for turning out some of the worst, most alienating stories, and only when a guy who's to the right of his politics is given the assignment to write a story that's not part of the flagship Super-series does he see fit to say anything.

Update: Waid went unhinged while responding to Hube. Very disappointing to see he couldn't communicate respectably.

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Spider-Man is a comic book. Gay people actually exist and therefore more important. You are insane.

Is that all you can say? McGonnigal, you're teetering on crossing the line, and if you continue with your exercise in futility, I'm going to have to consider flagging future replies of yours as spam. Just because you can't win an argument is no excuse for resorting to insults. Have a nice day.

Spider-Man is a comic book. Gay people actually exist and therefore more important. You are insane.

Then try this. Which includes points you refused to acknowledge elsewhere.

I'm now convinced that Waid and McGonnigal... are really Keith Ellison in disguise.


Gay people are more important, eh? Okay, but try telling that to Islamic countries. You'll have quite the reaction.

To Waid's actual rantings: Rich irony.

Anyone who disagrees with Waid's desire to redefine marriage is subject to boycott, attempts to ruin their livelihood, intimidation, threats of violence, and so on.

Who are the bullies here, Mark?

I love how Waid (and others) think it's OK to ask for Card's dismissal b/c he's a member of the NOM and has written columns about the issue (gay marriage and homosexuality). As IF Waid, Simone and co. don't have a similar soapbox given THEIR positions ... and all they blabber about politics and culture via social media.

Spare me.

Spider-Man is a comic book. Gay people actually exist and therefore more important. You are insane.

Comics don't exist? Who's really the insane one here?

So, it's okay for you to disagree with the political opinions of and boycott certain writers, but when others do it to ones you agree with, it's some horrible offense against the first amendment? We're all perfectly within our rights to not support people or businesses whose actions we don't like. Isn't that what this blog is about?

Anon: You're 100% correct. And I don't believe anyone here has said people have no right NOT to boycott Card's work. (In fact, I've said it's the "American Way!"). What a lot of us are pointing out is the HYPOCRISY of left-of-center creators. Some of them don't merely want/advocate Card be boycotted, they want DC to axe him.

I, and others here, have never demanded a progressive writer be fired from a book for their views -- even for what they've put IN their comics.

Then there's guys like Mark Waid who is attempting to claim the difference is all about Card's "actions" -- that, b/c he's a member of the National Organization for Marriage and writes columns about the issue, that is "different." But ... how? Waid and his liberal creator cohorts routinely opine on things political via myriad social media outlets. How is this substantively from what Card does? Not to mention, Card doesn't inject his politics into his comics like a lot of liberals do.

To clarify: When I said "It's the American Way!" I mean that boycotting people if you disagree with them is. ;-)

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