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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 

MRC: Marvel and DC push homosexual agenda at cost of readerships

The Media Research Center's Kristine Marsh and Matt Philbin wrote about the increasing obsession Marvel and DC have with shoving the LGBT agenda down everyone's throats:
Poor Sgt. Rock. Were he around today, the grizzled infantryman who’s WWII combat exploits thrilled a generation of boys might find himself sitting through sexual orientation sensitivity training in the post-Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell Army. And he’d be hard pressed to recognize his old DC Comics area of operations.

In an upcoming release, DC’s openly lesbian Batwoman character will be shown kissing her lover while proposing marriage. And now, Batgirl has a transgendered roommate. These are not your father’s comic books.

Like the rest of American pop culture, comic books have increasingly included pro-gay propaganda pieces aimed at the children and young adults who read them. Not to be outdone by DC’s super-heroic sexual diversity, Marvel released a comic a few weeks ago where “Wolverine and Hercules share a gay kiss,” as reported by The Huffington Post.

Gay characters began appearing in comics in the early 90s but this agenda-based tactic has been employed more frequently in the past 10 years. In 2006, an Advocate story titled “How Gay is Superman?” led the way for the “turn your favorite superhero characters gay” trend. Since then, comic book writers have been aggressively promoting politics in their stories.
It might've happened a little earlier (I think Jon Sable: Freelancer was one of the first comics to do that) in the mid-80s, but yes, in the 1990s, that's when they went miles out of their way to stuff gay characters into comics with no negative opinions of the belief system allowed. Yet they never made any serious effort to emphasize cultures derived from foreign nations like in Europe, Africa and Latin America. When they're that narrow in what they choose as a focus, it's no wonder they lose readerships and costs for the printing and purchasing skyrocket.

As for Sgt. Rock, chances are that today, it's less likely a story would be written about him without the writers and editors being hostile to the military as an extension of their leftist agendas. Goodness knows the same fate may already have met Nick Fury.

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Jon Sable had a gay secondary character in the 1980's, and he was portrayed sympathetically, but I never felt like First Comics and Mike Grell were trying to push an agenda. Sable had a girlfriend, and I never felt like they were trying to push a heterosexual agenda. Plus, that comic was really aimed at adults who presumably already had their own sexual orientation and opinions. Costumed super heroes appeal to impressionable adolescents. Parents who know Batman or Spider-Man from TV cartoons would be shocked at what those characters are doing these days.

It's just more left-wing propaganda from the comics industry.

I just hate how my favorite superheroes have been hijacked by political ideologues for this sort of thing.

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