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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 

Zack Snyder thinks its okay for Superman to be American...because Obama is president

Just when the Man of Steel turns out to be a box office success, one of the most prominent employees attached to the movie goes and sours everybody's day by telling a foreign news outfit like the BBC just what they might want to hear (via Big Hollywood). It has to do with their plans for a sequel to the movie, and Snyder said:
“He has no choice but to become global… That literally has to happen. But for me I was really interested in – and maybe it’s because Barack Obama’s president now – it’s okay for Superman to be American."
According to some leftists, an iconic figure like Superman can only be American provided that a Democrat is running the show. It makes no sense, yet they remain firmly stuck on such a ridiculous position. I wonder if this is going to become a trend, that after a movie becomes a success with conservatives in reception and marketing, they'll almost instantly turn around and spoil everything by making a pointless political statement, probably conceived to assure other liberals they're not abandoning them. It's stupid. It suggests that if a Republican were in office, the screenplay would have been different in some ways.

Going "global" is also telling, hinting that they're not satisfied with Superman identifying as American and that they're going to abandon even that in a sequel for something more "internationalized". Does that mean they'll be aiming for something similar to the time when DC published the story where Superman gave up his US citizenship?

The screenwriter and occasional comics writer David Goyer also told Bleeding Cool that:
“The challenge for us moving forward is how to depict Superman in a world like this, in a world where Twitter exists, in a world with social media. To me, the interesting challenge is “Could he solve hunger in the horn of Africa? What would he do with the Arab Spring? What would he do in Syria?… Does he have the wherewithal or the knowledge to intervene in something like this?”
Correction: how would the scripters depict Superman dealing with issues like the so-called Arab Spring and Syria? Whose side would he take? Judging from how DC depicted his visit to Iran, the chances they'd do expert research and figure out the differences between good and evil are very negligible, and I'm not sure they'd understand the crisis in Africa either or deal with it convincingly. I also think it's sad that they're concerning themselves with too much realism like social media. The point of sci-fi like this is to suspend your disbelief where it helps, sit back and enjoy the show. Honestly, Snyder and Goyer are really taking the ideas much too far.

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Yeesh. I'll still see the movie, but come on, Snyder. So somehow it's only cool for Superman to be American if a Democrat is in office? I don't get that. It reminds of those Star Trek reviews from 2009 that compared Spock to Obama (and vice versa) and blamed the downfall of the franchise on Bush.

And I agree with your point about social media, too. Frankly I wish someone in Hollywood would make it a point of saying that people today are way too dependent on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Yeah, yeah, Democrats, it's always better when you're in charge (see Chicago). Don't you guys ever get tired of "your moral and intellectual superiors!" bit?

As for blaming Bush for the downfall of the Trek franchise, that's a new one. (Are we going to blame "Nemesis" on Bush?) And that happened long before Bush showed up.

Of course, the irony is, to borrow from Allahpundit: "If there’s any one theme that’s dominating political media today, it’s the fact that the rapprochement with Europe that Hopenchange was supposed to bring about hasn’t exactly gone as planned. As one contributor to Der Spiegel put it in criticizing Obama for the “soft totalitarianism” of America’s surveillance state, he’s gone from “yes we can” to “yes we scan.”"





Apologies for the link-dump, but worth it against any liberal lemmings.

Comparing Obama to Spock is ironic, since Vulcan philosophy is based on logic, and leftist demagoguery is based on emotion and prejudice.

Gwyneth Paltrow once said in an interview that electing a president named Barack Hussein Obama would show the world that "we" want to be part of "the international community." Even if there were such a thing, Americans have traditionally been isolationist. The fact is, the limousine liberals in Hollywood don't want to be Americans. They want to be European, because Europe is decadent, and decadence seems cool and sophisticated to teenagers. And most people in show business have the I.Q. and maturity of a fifteen-year old. I expect when Sarah Palin gets elected president, Superman will again renounce his US citizenship.

Thanks for the links, Killer Moth. I'll definitely use them against the lemmings if I ever get into a debate with them.

And regarding "Nemesis," I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually like that movie

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