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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 

Aquaman no longer married to Mera?

Geoff Johns is now leaving the helm of Aquaman (and the writers for the Flash are departing too). But even before he left, it turns out he may have quietly erased Arthur Curry and Mera's marriage. In that case, I just don't see the point of his even bothering to bring the twosome back together again.

Speaking of which, Dan DiDio, who still hogs much of the PR spotlight far more than Bob Harras, said the following:
Dan DiDio, the DC co-publisher, has insisted that a commitment to traditional views of marriage was not behind the decision. Rather, he said that the judgment was this: a superhero can be gay, but not happy. "Heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives," he said. "They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests."
So I guess that means police and firefighters shouldn't have happy lives either, right? Plenty do, and he's once again proven how out of touch with reality he is. Then again, I think he stopped claiming he was trying to make the DCU more realistic a long time ago. Likewise, he decided that readers shouldn't have a happy time reading their comics either. Nor will he recognize that this is why their output doesn't sell.

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How can a "silly" cartoon like Brave and Bold get it so right, and yet the actual comicbooks get it so wrong?

Beyond bizarre.

Good point there, Flying Tiger. I really think that was a good cartoon, and a welcome contrast to the darker Batman media out there. That was one place where Aquaman was portrayed competently.

Competently, sure, but the largest ham, evah, too.

Seriously, though, what little I saw of B&B I did like. Ironically, after being used to "Why So Srs" Batman media for so long, I wasn't up for Silver Age fun when B&B first debuted. Looking back, that was a mistake on my part, so I like to talk it up with fans whenever I can, now.

As for Aquaman not being married to Mera, well, that's a loud "boo" for Johns.

As for DiDio's "heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives," I'll get into that after some sleep.

Avi you can't compare firefighters and cops to vigilantes. The environment of a vigilante does not lend itself to marriage. Never forget that these people are taking the law into their own hands and most of them are very damaged people.

Sorry hit and to soon. Plus cops and firefighters have people they can talk too if the job gets to tough. Trained professional who are trained in dealing with the kind of trauma that can come with being a cop or firefighter.

Sorry for the mistakes folks, I am on my kindle....

Police and firefighters - especially the former - need to look out for themselves as much as vigilantes do, since the criminals they send to prison can pose dangers to them if released later; that's one of the reasons why authoritarians' phone numbers may be unlisted in the yellow pages, for their families' protection. The whole notion that the police and fire brigades have easier lives than a vigilante, with or without a mask and costume, is greatly exaggerated.

And even masked vigilantes have their mentors and could read psychological research if they think they need help. It may not be easy being a vigilante/superhero, but neither does it have to be harder. Plus, there's that thing known as surrealism...

Okay I am at a proper keyboard. I love my Kindle but I have clumsy fingers.I am using my google account but want to use my real name as well. How do I do that? My name is Anthony post here from time to time. I was the idiot who did post three four and five. :)

DC should just come clean and say "Marriage ages the characters and we want to keep them timeless" Instead of this life of pain nonsense. In the movies and cartoons, which appeals to fans of ALL ages how many Marvel and DC marriages do you see? Mr Fantastic is married but he is meant to be viewed as an authority figure. Spider-Man was married and the entire movie franchise was rebooted.

The characters are never meant to change. They are meant to give "The Illusion of change" not actual change. We are having this problem because the comics aren't bringing in new blood. What is supposed to happen is you start reading and then are replaced by another generation of readers and everything old becomes new to them.

But we don't have that and so we end up with Peter Parker getting married. Folks Marvel and DC has nothing against your marriage but they know it's a slippery slope.

Peter Parker gets married, then the fans start asking for the kid. Then everyone starts asking why the kid isn't growing up. Just look at all the fans still wondering why Reed Richards kid is still so young. So the kid grows up and before you know it Spidey is dead of old age and we are reading about his kid.

That is fine for a "what if?" title but do you really want that for the mainstream character?

Unknown: Why shouldn't heroes marry their girlfriends? Why shouldn't heroines marry their boyfriends? I think you're exaggerating a bit when you talk about Peter getting old and dying. That is not what fans want. What fans do want is for him and Mary Jane to be married, and all of the nonsense that's been published since then be discarded from continuity. Same with Superman and Lois, Scott and Jean of X-Men, etc.

And who said Peter and MJ had to have a kid? They do in the MC2/ Spider-Girl universe, but they haven't in the present day universe; I think the baby has stillborn, or it was caused by one of Doctor Octopus' assistant, I don't remember.

My cousin has been married to her husband for six years and has been with him for longer than that, and they're not going to have children. Not every married couple chooses to have kids.

Sorry, but there have been PLENTY of comics characters who have gotten married with no hassle. Reed and Sue, obviously. In non-superhero comics, Dick Tracy and Tess Truehart tied the knot and as of the present day, they're still married, I think.

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