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Saturday, August 16, 2014 

Reader on Twitter scans old letter written by Geoff Johns

One where he seemed quite enthused by a story with jarring violence:

It was published in issue 48 vol. 2 in reply to 44, and what's really head-shaking is when he talks about reality leading to gloom and seriousness, yet that's what he ended up doing himself, most notably at the time his tie-ins to Identity Crisis were published. He certainly knows how to be alienating and write repellently, that's for sure. And while the Flash did have a sense of humor at one time, Johns threw it away.

And being so obsessed with alleged nostalgia, he went and realized his vision for the Reverse-Flash to return in the worst ways possible. It makes no difference if the fate of Wally and Linda's children was reversed by the end of that storyline; the audience had to endure such irritating violence before getting to that, and the whole story premise was something that did not need to be done in the first place. Nor was Johns helping with his subsequent retcon to Barry's background and Rogues Revenge, which only resurrected a problem he pretended to get rid of.

Johns also gave an interview to CBR about Superman, where they discuss how he's supposedly bringing some optimism back to the Man of Steel, but knowing his MO, it's apparent they're not telling the whole story, and I won't be surprised if he does pull something we could do without. He says at the end:
...a human Superman, which is what we've always talked about. Everyone's like, "He's so powerful, I can't relate to him." Are you kidding me? He's the most relatable character ever. He grew up on a farm, he doesn't have a lot of friends, feels isolated, he can't tell everybody what his secrets are. He's a great character. He feels overlooked -- who hasn't felt overlooked, or wanted to connect with people? All social media is, is people wanting to connect with other people. That's all it is. Because people long to connect with other people. And Superman is the embodiment of that. He's more relevant now than ever.
Not with Johns writing him, I'm afraid. Louise Simonson made a far better Superman writer than Johns does. And I don't take the cynical view he speaks of, dismissing Supes simply because he's supposedly too powerful. My view is based on how entertaining the script is, and in Johns' case, it's basically zero.

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So even back in the early '90s he was already planning his fanfic approach to the DC Universe. Not surprised.

Come to think of it, he actually introduced the Conner Kent is clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor retcon in a letter he sent to DC in the 1990s.

And sorry, Geoff, Superman has nothing to do with social media. I don't really see the connection there at all. Social media itself does more to divide people than it does unite them, at least in my opinion.

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