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Sunday, August 10, 2014 

Ron Marz assigned to write comics featuring gun-toters

Proof money speaks louder to a leftist than ideology:

He's been given a task of writing the adaptations of John Carter of Mars, and, as seen in the drawing, leading babe Dejah Thoris is holding a pistol. As noted earlier, Marz has even been promoting Chuck Dixon's Winterworld, where the leads also use guns! And I thought he was against guns, no matter who's using them! What's the use of speaking so negatively about rightists upholding arms for self defense purposes if he has no problem writing books where the heroes and heroines use them, let alone reading about them from conservative writers?

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if, were IDW or another licensee for Hasbro to offer him an assignment to write GI Joe, he'd take it in a jiffy. Say, I wonder if he's even owned the toys! Did he even play with computer games like Duck Hunt, Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Line of Fire, Lethal Enforcers and Silent Scope when he was younger? Yeah, what else don't we know about Marz, other than that for now, he's not very faithful to his gun control beliefs if he's willing to write and read books where the leads use them?

One good thing here is that, much like Dixon, Marz may not push his politics in this adaptation as he does on his Twitter page and CBR columns, and some of the comics he's written. If not, I figure that's because the owning companies like Hasbro and the Burroughs estate have a much better understanding of marketing appeal than Marvel and DC do, and make sure these hired hands don't exploit their properties as political platforms too easily. However, unlike Marz, Dixon does not push his politics on the audience so heavily, even outside the comics, and that's where Marz fails where Dixon excels. And now that I think of it, we shouldn't be too certain Marz won't succeed in stuffing his politics into these Burroughs adaptations, if he so chooses, so anyone who likes this kind of sci-fi should be wary of what could turn up.

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