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Wednesday, December 24, 2014 

Daniel Kalban comments on NYPD shooting case

Comics and film writer Kalban comments on the murder of two NYPD officers in their patrol car by a nutcase who allegedly wanted to avenge the tragic death of Eric Garner:

He doesn't seem to understand why the NYPD turned their backs to the mayor: they're angry at Bill deBlasio, whom they feel led to a situation that endangered them. First, the beef with deBlasio was his associations with socialist movements. Then, the problem became his decision to call off counterterrorism programs for defending the city and its surroundings. He also attacked the press for talking about violent protestors who attacked police officials. And he ignored the families of the murdered officers. This is just the kind of thing that's led to distaste for deBlasio and a perception he's abandoned the city's public servants in their entirety to danger. Why shouldn't they be outraged?

Next, Kalban says:

Umm, can you provide some info to back up your citation of "right wing nuts", pal? Since we're on the subject, Mr. Kalban, is there any outrage over an anti-war creep who murdered a Dutch student with an axe in 2007? Why don't you voice some condemnations about that repulsive crime before accusing "right wing nuts" of all the evils in this world without offering genuine proof? Then he says:

Curious how he attributes the blame entirely to conservatives but not to liberals who do the same, nor to the nasty protestors who yelled at the police attending the funeral for the slain officers, recited a chant from cop killer Assata Shakur, and compared police to KKK, among other horrors. How doesn't that count as politicization? Kalban misses only so much of the real picture here.

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The leftists are afraid that the murders in New York will derail their campaign.

The only case I remember in which "right-wing nuts" murdered police officers was in Las Vegas last June. Most murders of cops (and of innocent civilians) seem to be committed by Muslims and/or by street punks who look like they could be Obama's sons.

And the leftists exploited the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to promote their agenda. (Just as they exploited the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook.) But it's wrong for the PBA to "politicize" the murders of the two police officers?

And liberals feel free to criticize and ridicule Bush, Palin, Quayle, and Christie, but any "disrespectful behavior" toward deBlasio is an "outrage"? Typical leftist hypocritical double standard.

Oh, the media loves talking about militia-type incidents when they actually happen. Compared to black crime, though, the occasional incident amounts to peanuts over the years, even if you count in McVeigh.

What bothers me about the officers who turned their backs on the mayor doesn't have anything to do with Bill DeBlasio. It's that it shows a disrespect towards civilian rule of the city. When un-elected law enforcement (or military, to use another example) show disrespect to the elected leaders, that's insubordination. Let it get out of control and you have a dictatorship.

@Anonymous, note that the alleged "right wing cop killers" in Vegas were also affiliated with Occupy. They were allegedly kicked off the Bundy ranch because they were anti-government leftists along the lines of the Weather Underground. The best case leftists can make for themselves is that the Millers were very, very politically confused and willing to try to align with anyone who was anti-authority.

Initial reports in the media indicated that the cop-killers in Las Vegas were right-wing extremists and Tea Party members. Later evidence (which the MSM either downplayed or ignored) indicated that they were radical leftists with ties to the Occupy movement.

While the civil service (including law enforcement) have a legal duty to obey the lawful orders of their superiors, they should not have to bow and scrape like toadies. Mayors, governors, and presidents are public servants, not rulers. And, in a free society, they should expect criticism and even heckling. As a Democrat, Harry Truman said: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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