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Tuesday, December 30, 2014 

Marz tweets about police

The next several tweets he's posted have mostly to do with what he thinks of police:

He doesn't even know what reality is. Writing fantasy books is only getting the better of him, regrettably. The police have multiple witnesses saying Martin did have a gun, but Marz would rather turn a deaf ear.

If Marz would just care more about reality and human life, and not just see only what he wants to with the NYPD, this lament might be easier to accept. But it's not. It's only boring.

Everybody who takes a stand Marz doesn't agree with is crazy. Even me. But he only makes me feel honored and amused. Here's what Woods had to say, and he made some good points. I guess Marz wants to boycott his movies and TV programs now, eh?

What offended the NYPD wasn't deBlasio's latest words, but rather, his deeds outside that speech to make it hard for the police to operate properly and protect themselves, and/or make it clear say, that the actions of one do not always speak for all. The Huffington Post, a left-wing news site, was the one to really provide some food for thought about how deBlasio led to the current situation:
Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had contributed to police officers turning against him by running an "anti-police campaign" for mayor in 2013.

Kelly appeared on ABC's "This Week" Sunday to discuss the killing of two NYPD officers. When asked by host George Stephanopoulos if it's fair for critics to partially blame de Blasio for the death of the two cops, Kelly said the mayor had set off a "firestorm" by raising concerns over his son's safety.

“Obviously, there's a lot of emotion involved when two police officers are killed," Kelly said. "When the mayor made statements about how they had to train his son, who is biracial, to be careful when he’s dealing with the police, I think that set off this latest firestorm."
Hmm, that is surprising, and may have had some subtle influence in a bad way. If anything, what deBlasio said at least 2 weeks ago implied he considered the NYPD in their entirety an evil lot with utterly poor MO, dangerous to racial minorities, and little else. That's what outraged the police staff, who clearly came away with the impression deBlasio judged them all monsters from top to bottom. And, from another left-wing site, Politico (via Town Hall):
“His words and his deeds don’t match,” said veteran cop reporter Leonard Levitt, who runs NYPD Confidential, a website fed by tips from inside the department and widely read by the rank and file. “You had Noerdlinger’s son calling cops ‘pigs’ and de Blasio doesn’t think that’s inappropriate? What message are you sending? De Blasio says it’s just the union guys who are angry. It’s not. It’s everybody. I’ve been covering this for 25 years and I have never seen anything like it. … The mayor doesn’t have a clue.”
And neither does Marz, because he's not interested in getting one.

Something tells me he's not interested in seeing them reform either, so what's his point? And support for deBlasio among Latinos has been plummeting. Or does their vote not matter to Harris?

Yeah, and then he just has to go ahead for the gazillionth time and drag conservatives into the mess. But I guess he can't be bothered to go ask other people outside his little circle of cultists what they think, because everyone who differs from his outlook is beneath him. As noted above, it's not just a police union that's angry, but everyone. And actress/director Roxanne Dawson, who used to appear on Star Trek: Voyager, has come to the defense of the NYPD too. I guess Marz will be adding her to his list of performers to boycott soon?

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Still with the Ron Marz attacks? Get a life. Go outside. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Agreed. Do you spend all day refreshing his twitter feed, waiting for something "offensive"?

Aw gosh, did Ronnie send his Twitter minions against you, Avi?

There's nothing better than shining the light on someone who needs, y'know, customers to buy his stuff. Avi's doing everyone who's right-of-center a service by pointing out what Marz thinks of him/her.

Why should anyone support such disdain with their cash?

So Marz opens his mouth and says something stupid then tries to get his twitter fans to go after you...nothing new. Marz just wants attention since he needs it to help support his poorly selling books.
One should questions why is Marz so obsessed with you? All you are doing is pointing out the stupidity of his tweets.

Still running to defend Marz and his stupid tweets, do you refresh his twitter feed ready to pounce at his whim.

Brainless twitter followers...my goodness.

So Marz has an issue with you for checking his twitter statements yet he does the same thing with Sean Hannity?
Pot meet kettle.


Different surveillance cameras recorded the Antonio Martin incident from different angles. But all are consistent with the officer's account. And Martin's handgun (a Hi Point 9mm automatic) was recovered at the scene.

Even with that evidence, there is still controversy over the shooting. And "protests" (i.e., more riots and looting) started almost immediately.

The fact is, the Social Justice Warriors don't care about evidence. If you showed them a slow motion video of Martin pointing an 84mm anti-tank weapon at the cop, they would still insist that the "youth" was unarmed.

And if Martin had killed the cop, and had been prosecuted and convicted for it, then every limousine liberal in Hollywood would claim that he did not get a fair trial, and the latest hash tag meme would be "Free Antonio Martin."

The facts in a specific case don't matter. What is important to the SJW's is "the big picture" or "the real issue."

The Big Picture is that Obama needs a red herring to divert attention from ISIS, Ebola, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Crimea, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the VA scandal, the high unemployment rate, and the rising cost of health insurance. And that Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson need a cause celebre to justify their sinecures.

There ought to be an exemption on all provably antique ivory, but anyone that buys fresh stuff should be beaten.

And that's exactly why the NRA opposes the changed regulation: there's no exception for antique ivory, including in antique guns. This is, of course, a common sense policy exception.

Which is Marz, in his rush to be not only wrong but offensive in everything, misrepresents it.

BTW, I've asked several leftists who are soooo concerned about a "lack of respect" toward DiBlasio or Obama or whoever, if they were respectful to Bush 43 or Reagan or whoever. Or if they even spoke out against the rampant disrespect from the left.

For some reason, that's always a completely different and unrelated scenario in their minds. Funny, that...

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