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Monday, December 29, 2014 

Patrick Zircher also feels galled at North Korea

Besides Dan Slott, even Zircher voiced dismay at movie studios caving to commie Norks while conversing with an employee for the revived Valiant publisher:

Alejando earns points for acknowledging ISIS is a danger, but none for parroting the cliches that only police are a problem in America.

Well I hope he recognizes that Islamic regimes like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Brunei have similar Orwellian situations, and doesn't think only conservatives are a problem. Besides, didn't the GOP members rally for The Interview's release, which thankfully came about? Mitt Romney even recommended it be released online, and it's made a fortune overnight. In that case, shouldn't Zircher be thanking conservative crowds for the help they gave in persuading the Sony management to overcome their cowardice? I'd suggest, if he goes to a movie theater to see it, that he look for some conservatives who might come in to watch it too, and get to know them better. Then, he could judge by their personal character and decide if it's really worth it to be so hostile to conservatives. He might even want to try a conversation with people like artist Ethan VanSciver, who may be a conservative himself. If Zircher's okay with VanSciver, then he should have no serious issues with most other conservatives either.

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I agree with Zircher: the outrage is over the principle of the thing, not over being deprived of "our yuk yuks." Zircher and Slott did not want to see the movie anyway.

It is odd, though, to see liberals criticizing a foreign dictator. Usually, they condemn the US (and Israel) and side with hostile foreign governments. Special dispensation seems to have been granted in this case.

And Alejandro seems to be using ISIS and "racist cops" as a decoy, an excuse to ignore North Korea. If not for the Nork controversy, he would probably be ignoring ISIS and focusing exclusively on the "racist cops."

BTW, the "problem" of "racist, abusive cops" is an exaggeration at best and a fraud at worst.

An objective, unbiased examination of the evidence leads to certain conclusions:

1. Michael Brown attacked a cop, who was forced to shoot him in self-defense. The cop was badly injured in Brown's initial attack, and was unable to fight back hand-to-hand. Also, Brown outweighed him by eighty pounds. That disparity of force justified the shooting, even if Brown was "unarmed."

2. Eric Garner was not "choked to death." He died of a heart attack, probably brought on by the strain of the scuffle. And it was Garner, not the cops, who escalated the situation from a minor altercation to a fight.

3. Tamir Rice (who was tall for his age, and looked like an adult)was shot when he pointed a realistic-looking toy gun at a cop. The police had been called by a citizen who reported seeing a man walking around with a handgun. The cop was forced to make a life-or-death decision in a split second. It is a horrible tragedy, but not the cop's fault.

4. The shooting of Antonio Martin is even more obviously justified than that of Michael Brown. Martin pointed a real handgun (not a toy) at a cop. Self-defense. Justifiable. End of story.

It seems that most comic writers are hypocrites, it is okay for others to impose their will on others but when it affects there wallet then it is an issue. I don’t think it is intentional I think they are ignorant and they just don’t really know how the world works since they don’t teach that very well in highly liberal schools.

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