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Monday, April 20, 2015 

Frank Cho stood up to SJW feminists

The artist who draws the Liberty Meadows comic strip stood his ground against humorless SJWs who took offense at some parody sketches he drew based on the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover from almost a year ago. All because they don't like images or pictures of beautiful women, and must absolutely hate being pretty themselves. And where were those phonies a few years ago when Brian Bendis penned the much more offensive Avengers tale where Jessica Drew wound up naked while prisoner of the Wizard?

Here's Cho's reply to the overreaction:
Wow. What a crazy couple of days it has been. My parody cover sketch of Spider-Gwen aping the infamous Manara Spider-Woman pose sent some of the hypersensitive people in a tizzy.

To be honest, I was amused and surprised by the uproar since it was, in my opinion, over nothing. It’s essentially a small group of angry and humorless people ranting against my DRAWING of a pretty woman. It’s utter nonsense. This world would be a better and a happier place if some people just grow a sense of humor and relax.
It'd also be a lot better if they focused on more challenging issues like how the topic of sex abuse was trivialized in Identity Crisis. Something I doubt a lot of these SJWs care about then or now. Reaxxion goes on to note:
Sadly, the SJWs usually get their way when it comes to comics, and it’s making comics suck. Not only do new comics suck, they don’t sell, even though they should. Even though superhero movies dominate the box office and there are four superhero TV shows on network television right now, Marvel and DC Comics are lucky to sell 100,000 copies of any comic. Part of the reason superhero comics can’t sell—despite the popularity of superheroes—is because SJWs are making them suck.

Thanks to the SJWs’ influence, many fans and creators have been chased away from comic books. If these whiners get their way, artists like Cho would be driven out of the industry altogether, and who would take their place?
Part of the reason SJWs could get away with it is because mainstream companies are obviously open to their balderdash, and because of the insular MO they run their business on today. Another is the heavy cover prices, which are bound sooner or later to reach 5 dollars apiece.

This news does suggest that artists - along with some writers - are beginning to sense there's a hostile movement out there trying to undermine their work, and if they believe in the art they worked hard to master, they're going to have to fight back. Cho did the right thing to stand his ground.

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Hi Avi,

Just wanted to let you know. Wednesday's All-New X-Men #40 was leaked on the Internet today and Brian Michael Bendis just retroactively made Iceman gay. Yes. Iceman. A fifty-two year-old character and founding member of the X-Men created by Stan Lee. The retcon happened with Past Jean Grey (who acts nothing like Jean Grey) pulling him aside and outs him by reading his thoughts without permission. He then asks why he is gay but Present Iceman is not. Teen Jean replies by saying that his relationships haven't worked out too well and is still hiding it. No doubt this will be expanded upon by the next writer and a character that's been around for half a century will be tarnished forever. Here's a link to the leaked comic now on 4chan:


Obsidian 2.0

I would've punched her in the nose. Northstar would have slapped her.

There's no such thing as "Social Justice Warriors"; only Slactivists who enjoy the sound of their own voice from time to time


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