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Thursday, July 16, 2015 

Batman vs Superman trailer shows crowd protesting illegal aliens

Twitchy directed attention to a picture from a new Batman vs Superman trailer that gives disappointing signs this has needless political messages shoved in:
Subtle indeed; check out the protesters in front of the Capitol carrying signs reading, “Superman = Illegal Alien,” “Aliens Are Un-American” and the very obviously Westboro Baptist Church-inspired “God Hates Aliens.” There’s also a Superman symbol with the “S” replaced by a swastika (but not a Confederate flag; shooting started a while ago).
It already sounds pretty awful. Let's remember that scriptwriter David Goyer was the same man who penned that meaningless story where the Man of Steel gave up his US citizenship. And the same one who made a dirty rant about She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter. Any merits the recent Man of Steel movie had clearly won't cross over well here with these political statements injected. If they're trying to turn Superman into an allusion to infiltrators from south America, that's very regrettable.

Sure, as per the title, it's not hard to guess Superman could wind up a villain this flick. But not only is that something that doesn't appeal to me, it's also no excuse for the ludicrous politics they pushed into what already looks like an overly fanboyish clash between the Masked Manhunter and the Big Blue Boy Scout. The dark-looking outfit for Wonder Woman is a letdown too.

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They've never had a good live-action superhero film or TV show, only so-so and downwards, and they never will.

This is why we can't have nice things, DC.

Since our new Mexican overlords seem to think they own America or how we can't discuss our own immigration, a new Superman will emerge and be Hispanic. Don't think it isn't coming, as seen with Marvel's Ms. America.


(And, I'm aware of the "whitewashing" game thing with Ms. America. I miss the days when "whitewashing" didn't necessarily mean something negative.)

Killer Moth,

Already done, see the "Superman" from Gods and Monsters (an alternate League). The Superman character is the son of General Zod, raised by Mexican migrant workers. He calls himself Hernan Guerra.

Thank you, Acethepug, as I wasn't aware of Gods and Monsters. I don't read much Superman, so (except maybe when Doomsday shows up). I'm aware of Red Son, though, the whole bit with him raised by Soviet Russia. Again, thanks for clarifying.

Could be worse, it could be an attack on two fronts by both Mexico and Canada.

I am strongly waiting for dawn of justice movie, still movie is not launched but I bought superman vs batman Dawn of Justice movie jacket for my bf. I am sure the movie must be great because of it's cast.

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